Monday, September 5, 2011

Put your whites away- It's Labor Day!

Happy Monday! The best part of this Monday is it's a holiday! A great holiday at that.
A nice long weekend never goes under appreciated.

I hope you have packed up all your white's and put them away. I wore a pair of white shorts to say farewell in a fashionable way today.

I spent my weekend spending time with friends and family.
Friday was spent in Harvard Square with Ashly and Karrie.
We had delicious mexi at Border Cafe and a few delicious beers.

Saturday we spent at the Beach in Maine and we spotted Elvis!
We had a great day in the sun saying farewell to summer.
We moved our so-long summer party to the Old Port.
5 girls let their crazy legs go wild.
We made the rounds through the bars. We finished the night with a delicious slice of Bill's Pizza.
Sometimes I really miss being a 22 year old college kid eating some pizza at the end of the night.
But the best thing about growing up is being able to afford that pizza and beer you've been pounding all night.

I think Labor day is also about spending time with your family and enjoying some good food.
I spent Sunday with Lily- my favorite person in the world!
If you don't know about Lily- she is my niece. And she is the best one in the world.
She tells it like it is and loves to be photographed these days.

I made my way to visit one of my oldest friends, Amanda, and her newest addition to the family.
Bradley is a doll! And Amanda looks amazing and is already a fantastic mother.

I'm so proud and so in love with the little one :)
We had a delicious dinner to follow the love fest.
Jared and Amanda made lobsters and clams for us to enjoy while Bradley grabbed a nap.

I finished my weekend at my parents. I spent some quality time with Lily and we took lots of photos.
We had fun swinging and picking fresh veggies from the garden. Isn't she the cutest?
Today she told me that she will always be the most importany person in my life no matter what. I said "What if I get married or have kids some day?"
She replied "No it will still be me but I won't mind if they come around too."
At least she has faith in my dating abilities. She does think I'll meet someone. Good thing a 4 year old is keeping the dream alive!

I love long weekends and I love spending time with friends and family. It's a great way to unwind and reconnect. I'm already looking forward to a short work week and next weekend!

I have a busy week with Zumba and Yoga in the park. I'm also taking a stab at making a homemade sweet potato samosa pie. It's going to have an indian twist with curry in it!

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