Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Under eye suitcases

Today was a long work day. Actually this has been a longgggg work week! Luckily, tomorrow is Thursday!

I was tired this morning. Beyond tired. I sounded like an 83 year old woman who has been smoking a pack a day since she was 15 and the bags under my eyes were more like suitcases. I was tired.(I'm not complaining because it was worth it!) I knew that a good start to the day would help me battle through. I started with blueberry and banana protein pancakes. Yeah- I eat a lot of pancakes.
These babies are smothered in sugar free syrup and I had some iced coffee to help me wake up a bit.

I went to work ready to face the day! I had a lot to do and my inbox was basically screaming at me with blinking red flags all over the place.
It was a very busy day. So much so that I scarfed down my lunch without breathing and didn't take a break from my desk until 3:45.
I ate some peanuts for a snack. Yup- leftover peanuts from the game. And yes- I shucked these babies at my desk.
I went for the world's best coffee on my lunch. Flavor of the day: Jamaican me crazy! I think it's a combo of Carmel and nut? I like mine with soy... and it's tasty! It helped me get through the day and that's the most important thing I like in my coffee.

After work- Yoga in the park. It was the best way to end my day. I felt really relaxed and at ease after the hour was down. Plus, it was a perk to watch the sunset over the Charles.

I was doing spirit fingers and yoga.

I came home from yoga starving! Weird right? Except it's not weird for me since I'm always hungry. But I got home and these little babes were waiting for me! My passes for the Life is Good Festival came in. Time to celebrate my inner hippie for a weekend!

I made pumpkin pancakes for dinner... with some peanut butter on top. Shocker! It was a great way to end my night. Now I am super tired and I need to wake up and hit the gym tomorrow morning since I have dinner plans tomorrow night! Wahoo!

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