Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life is good.

This weekend is good. Full of fun times.

I headed to Life is Good fest yesterday afternoon. It was a blast.
There were so many freebies. We had our fill of food and freebies. I also had some delicious beers. I found out that Magic Hat #9 is my new favorite (ok not my favorite because Guinness holds that place in my heart.)

We had some fun before the music happened. Lots of funny photos.

I had a chickpea fritter sandwich from the Clover food truck. Finally! I've been talking about this silly truck forever now and I found it!
It was a really awesome day. A festival full of good vibes... this is right up my alley. Plus the whole festival is about doing good for people and the planet. I love that!

We also watched some music. I'm super hooked on the Avett Brothers. They were the whole reason I wanted to attend this festival. They were incredible! I was screaming, dancing and jumping like a crazy person.
I love a good Banjo.

We had the best time. We finished up by screaming and yelling the whole car ride home. It was a serious positive vibe experience.

This morning I woke up still feeling positive. I went for a run. It was terrible. Honestly. I learned the following lessons:
1- Don't eat a big breakfast and run 30 mins after.
2- Drink plenty of water before. I cup of coffee and a swig of water won't work.

But at least I got out there and did it. I packed money for a coffee stop on my way home. I stopped at 1369 of course. Delightful per usual.

I'm getting ready now to head out to day 2 of Life is Good. Life really is good.  Check out what I got in the mail.
I received a free sample of mascara and lip stain from InStyle Magazine. Awesome!

I had a little baby lunch today so I could save room for beer and Lara Bar and Chobani samples!

Are you feeling good today?

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