Sunday, October 30, 2011

Do the Halloween Crawl.

Woah. This weekend is a blur!
It went by too fast!
But I had a great time celebrating Halloween
with my friends.

It started with a flash mob at work.
We nailed it.
Somehow we didn't win.
So we took our sorry, losing butts out
for drinks. Lindsay's friend was throwing
a party so we crashed.
We danced our butts off. But we decided
to call it an early night since we all had
plans for Saturday. Mine included a full day of
pub crawling. Ouch.

I had very little time to recover before we turned
around and did it again! This time me and Maggie
really took our costume to the next level.
We are supposed to be the female version of
LMFAO. Mostly we got a lot of laughs and we
shuffled around town as much as our feet

I got sleepy after awhile and just rested
on my fro. That thing came in handy!

It was a great weekend. The pub crawl was
kind of a bit much but it turned out alright.
We finished the night with mexi food
before heading home. I think I was asleep by
9pm. I'm not joking.

Tomorrow is really Halloween.
But my celebrating is over.
Today was back to reality.

I started my Sunday Fun day with this free book I
received in the mail courtesy of
It's a really great book. Lots of style tips
based on your body type, item of clothing and
season. You can pick it up at the bookstore for $29.95.
Or you can borrow mine!

For dinner I made a Mexican pizza.
I figured beer wasn't the best dinner choice
so I decided to eat some realfood. It was tasty!
I used 2 tortillas and layered in some goodies.
On the first tortilla I just put black beans.
I bought TJ's cuban style because they're already
seasoned. Then I placed another tortilla on top.
More beans, sliced red pepper and cheese.
I baked it for 15 minutes at 350.

This is the part where I ran to the store for avocado.
I made the rookie mistake of cutting mine which wasn't
ripe. I needed avocado. So I got it.
And I didn't burn the house down while I left.
I put mine on top of lettuce and paired it
with some sour cream. I love, love, love all
mexican cuisine.

Now it's back to reality. Already!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sorry for Party Rocking

Happy Halloween weekend!

Do you enjoy Halloween?
I'm half and half.
I find it foolish to spend loads of
$$$ on a costume. But I do like
dressing up and trying to be
creative. This year I'll be Party
Rocking throughout Boston.

That's me. Getting my dancing feet ready.
My shirt does say Meow. So watch out!

I hope you have have an exciting weekend
planned. Here a few last minute
costume ideas. Scrounge up your goods
and get to it!

Tom Cruise: Risky Business

Classic and easy. I did this once!
Get the following:
Men's button down
Tube socks
Men's briefs
Stunner shades.

It's going to be a cold weekend but this is
a fun costume to rock!

Occupy Wall Street:

Someone at work did this today. I cannot
take full credit. But it's a good one.
Dress in clothes that look dirty. Carry
a tent, sleeping bag and a sign.
(Please shower and don't use the sidewalk
as a restroom.)

Katy Perry- Last Friday Night
Everyone loves everything Katy does.

This is basically the 80's look but better.
Tease your hair.
Get some triangle/shape earrings.
Lots of blue eye shadow.
Bright colors in spandex!
Think pink on top and lime on the bottom.

Jo Calderone- aka Lady Gaga
This is a goody. Especially for a couple.
One can be the real Lady Gaga and the other
can be Jo. Get out your finest suit and white T-shirt.
The suit is easy to get at your local good-will.
Rock it all night long.

Don't worry- tomorrow I'll look more like
this with my friend, Maggie.

I'll have a Halloween re-cap on Sunday.
If I survive!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pay Day Sushi

Last night I went out for "Payday Sushi."
Something to celebrate! We went to
Tapei Tokyo. It was eh. Not because
the sushi wasn't good, but because
I really have to be in the mood for sushi.
Otherwise, I'm trying to choke it down.
I looked over the menu. I always start with
soup or edamame. I picked the soup.
Mushroom soup! It was ok. A little bland
to be honest. But it did the trick. Then I was ready for my
Everyone got an array of items.

I stuck with just a rainbow roll. It was tasty and had
 great texture. I think it was the avocado.
This sushi was still not as good as the sushi I
had in Jackson, Wy this summer. That was
killer sushi! But it was still decent and it was nice to be
with friends.

I returned home for "Pay day groceries."
I took a quick trip to whole foods. Andddd
purchased something I didn't need but
something I wanted.
Don't knock the soy ice cream until you've had it.
It is awesome! And taste like any other ice cream.
But healthier.

Yesterday I got something awesome
in the mail.
A Kind bar from the kind people at Kind.
This in turn lead me to buy more at Whole Foods
last night. It was tasty. This time I bought a PB
and choco kind. Can't wait to eat it!

Well, Halloween is upon us.
What are your plans?
What are you going to be?
I'm always a last minuter and decide
at the last second. So it will not only be
a surprise to you but also to me.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who likes free stuff?

Birthday celebration are for reals over now.
Last night was the last of the shenanigans.

Emily hosted a pre-gathering at her place.
It was fab per usual. Full of drinks and
tasty food. We had a blast there and
then headed to the Burren. It was a fun night.

Me and Laurel cut our cake together.
I fed her.

My shirt was kind of blinding.

Today I am laying low. Getting lots of rest.

I promised a post on good deals and freebies.
We all know about groupon, living social etc.
But there are so many more out there!
So here are a few of my favs that I use.

I'm really new to BzzAgent. But the idea is great.
They recognize that the best marketing is
word of mouth from the consumer. You take
surveys and sometimes they send you a
product to test out. Then you review it.
Super simple and really cool.

I use e-rewards a lot! You take surveys
and you get rewards. That simple. They have
lots of different rewards and levels. I like to
get the express gift card so I can get free clothes.
But they have airline miles, blockbuster cards and more.
Sign up and get rewarded!

Birch Box! I had heard about this a few times but became
more interested after my friend, Lindsay, talked about.
$10 a month and they send you minis of different
products. $10! That's it! This way you can try something
that is normally super pricey to see if you like it first.

I love going out to eat. My bank account does not.
I'm sure most of you know about But
in case you don't, now you do. It's pretty simple. They offer
a deal on a coupon. You purchase it and follow the rules at
the restaurant. Easy and awesome. Restaurant week doesn't
come around enough in Boston. This helps ease that

I'll keep coming up with the cool ideas. Let me know if
you have any suggestions.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cheers to the freaking weekend

Cheers to the freaking weekend!
Amen for Saturday.
(this is me cheers-ing to you in my German attire.
The mustache is real.)

Anyways- last night I had a delicious birthday
dinner with my roommates. We went to
Highland Kitchen. I've been waiting
forever to go there!

We got there around 6:30 and there was already a wait.
They told us 35 minutes. Ok fine.
I got a drink- a Dorchester. Highly
recommend it!
(Don't mind my pink hand.)
But then I checked back in
after 35 minutes. They told me another 35 mins.
Ummm come on! But luckily the guy that seemed to run
the show found us and gave us free deviled eggs for
making us wait. They were tasty! Then we got a seat
15 minutes later. It was worth the wait.

We started with apps. Lots of 'em!
North African Dip Plate! It was my kind of
good time!

Ricotta and mozzarella balls. With honey!
It was a fantastic combo of flavors.

Katie also ordered the gnocchi but sorry- no pic.
It was awesome..

I was seriously stuffed but I had a dinner to eat.
I ordered the black bean burger.
I bit into it. IT is the best veggie burger I've had
the privilege of sinking my teeth into.

So good in fact that today I recycled the rest of the meal.

Today rocked because I made a trip to TJ's.
I found two tasty items.
Hummus dressing and pumpkin bread mix.
I drank the hummus while making the bread.
Kidding.. sort of.

Also- I tried their new chocolate covered
potato chips. Get them! They are life

Later today I'm going to celebrate my birthday
with tons of awesome people. Can't wait to
share the night!

Have a lovely evening!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

like a tranquilizer gun

Last night I had a tasty dinner.
I went to Ginger Exchange with B.

It was pretty tasty!
I started with some Mango Tea and Salmon Sushi.
Nice combo of flavors.
B ordered the Eel from the Sea Sashimi.

I didn't love it. I can't explain why. But it wasn't for me.
That eel can stay in the sea.

I ordered dumplings for my entree.
I cannot resist tasty dumplings. I always get
the veggie.
They were really good. I wish I had been feeling better
and I could have enjoyed them more.
But my cold is still kicking my a**.

B ordered this weird Beef Thai Basil dish.
It was decent. I loved the egg on top
And the rice that burnt to the bottom.
It was spicy! It made my nose run even more.
I had to kick B to the curb after dinner due to my illness. And
I was exhausted. I was in bed realllll early.
I get a little loopy once the cold meds hit.

I woke up with a little more energy today.
I think it's because taking cold meds is like
taking a tranquilizer gun to your behind.

Today I made my first trip to Costco.
It will not be my last! I want a gallon of hummus.

Who doesn't? I ate so many samples it was like
a full lunch. The trip was a success! Where
else can you eat a hamburger, yogurt, chicken
sausage, pudding, buffalo chicken dip and
Carmel corn in one place? For free?!?!
Our Oktoberfest party at work tomorrow
is going to seriously rock.

I now have to drag myself to the gym.
I've been uber hungry this week!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The birthday blues

It's kind of a bummer when your birthday is over.
Today I have a birthday hangover.
I think it's because I was on my death bed yesterday.
I didn't enjoy the day.

I somehow worked through the entire day.
It was tough. But I did it.
When I got home I wanted carbs for dinner.
Carbs heal sickness.
I had a recipe I wanted to try.
I present:
Pasta Al Pomodoro
aka- tasty homemade sauce.

olive oil
1/2 onion
4 garlic cloves
pinch of red pepper
28 oz can of peeled tomatoes- I used crushed
butter for the pasta

1- start boiling the pasta water
2- chop onion and garlic. Coat another pan with oil and cook onion and garic.
3- add pinch of red pepper
4- add can of tomatoes
5- simmer for about 20 mins.
6- cook your pasta on the other side.
7- add a little bit of pasta water to tomato sauce.
8- Enjoy with lots of cheese!
9- Put them together.

It was so tasty and exactly what I needed.
I added a little sugar as well. I like sweet sauce.

Then I enjoy some birthday happiness.

That cake you see is peanut butter and chocolate.
My favorite!

Thank you roommates for the awesome loot :)
This magazine will come in handy at the gym!

Fear not! My hangover will be cured by birthday celebrations this weekend.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Coming Home- Homecoming recap

Monday again?
At least this past weekend was special.
It was my Homecoming weekend at UMaine. This means a weekend with lots of friends, food and bevs.

I worked a halfy on Friday and car pooled with Nancy.
We made a couple of pit stops.
Sonic and to pick up Katelyn.
We have our priorities straight.

We checked into the classy Black Bear Inn for a weekend of mayhem in Maine.
We made/purchased a new friend along the way.
Cave Tot is his name. Partying is his game.
This little guy was a gift from Sonic.
aka it came in my happy meal.
He hung out a lot this weekend.
We started our trip in style by visiting with the girls of Pi Beta Phi.
Drinks and lots of pictures.
Then it was time to hit up 2 of the 4 bars in town.
Drinks, dances and most importantly a tot to show us a good time.

I showed off some dance moves.
Shortly after this dancing shot it was time for bed.
We had some rest and a nutrional continental breakfast for strength.
Then it was time to tailgate!
No- we didn't really watch the game. We walked around the entire parking lot multiple times to visit people. Oh and have bevs. It was nice to see everyone and meet all the new Pi Phi's. Fresh faces!
Lots of boots were worn and lots of hugs were given.

We had a nice time. Tot even met a few new faces.

There was a gathering for all the alumnae to meet the newbies.
We had a great turn out! Thanks again to Avery for being such an awesome lady!
She made all this happen. Of course with the help of the entire chapter.

After we filled up on junk food, it was time for the final round.
It was time to get ready and get fabulous.
Emily put on a miming performance for awhile.
She actually put on a few performances. Katelyn helped with this one.

We took a lot of photos.
It was basically a photo shoot for an hour before we went out.

We danced on the traditional table.

And someone took some candids of me being a tough guy.

It was another epic evening! There was a lot dancing and sweating.
See- I did do some form of exercise.
Sadly- there isn't much evidence this night existed. I assure you- it did.

We rounded the trip off with a visit to Pat's before hitting the road.
Luckily I only ordered chocolate milk because the service was pretty bad. So were the swarms of flies.
Tot still enjoyed his time there.

I had a really fantastic weekend with friends and it was the perfect way to kick off my birthday!
I always have the best time hanging with Katelyn and Nancy. You guys rocked my socks this weekend.
I can't thank you enough for "making" me go!
It was a pleasure to share a room with Kately, Nancy, Erin and Durkin.
I hope we do it again!

Now I need your help. I'm going to dedicate a post to getting freebies. Do you have any suggestions or websites you use for free samples, surveys or giftcards?