About Me

I am a 26 year old lady living in Boston
and trying to live life to the fullest.

I try and live a mostly healthy life.
I like to eat a lot. All day, every day.
And I like count my walking commute and
dancing as vigorous exercising.

Traveling has become a huge part of my life.
I caught the travel bug early due to my dad being
 in the Army.Yes- I was an army brat.
Proud of it! But my parents realize early
on that I would forever become a
gypsy. It is now my second love.

Here I am on my first Euro adventure alone- in Venice!

Here I am in Rome.
I was here "Studying" Italian. I learned
a lot in two weeks. (Sense sarcasm)

Luckily- I like my parents to join!
Me and my mom hit up Egypt together.
We rode camels, saw the pyramids and cruised the Nile.

By day- I work for a travel company in Boston
which helps to feed my addiction.

My first love is still love.         
My love of love also started early in life.
Real early- 4 years old to be exact.
I loved the ninja turtles first. Raphael if
you were interested in knowing which one.
I eventually matured to my brother's
GI Joe's until I realized I might want to date
a real live man. And that's what I did and
try and do in my real life.

So join my journey to lust after
the perfect lunch, adventure and man.     

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