Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thanks for walking with me

I meant to go to the gym tonight. But I didn't. Instead I cooked dinner and sat on my butt. I thought I could go after Glee was over but realized 9pm would be too late for a workout. So instead- I'm having a glass of wine and watching Glee. I'm a sucker for this show.

Today I had some help from the God's above. I was walking to work like I always do. I realized "My lips are chapped." I felt the pocket on my coat that I never wear and BAM- chapstick.

Thank you for walking with me, Chapstick! My day was off to a good start.

Today I finally found a dentist in Boston! I think finding a dentist is the hardest part of any move. I got along just fine this long without a new dentist. I kept making my appointments in Maine. But today I finally realized it was no longer possible. I took the plunge and I found one.. ok I found 3. I made 3 appointments and now I need to cancel two of them. In a week my teeth will be perfection. Good thing too- right before the wedding! (keep in mind I moved to Boston in January of 2009. I just now found a dentist.)

Tonight I made chickpea patties! The excitement of using my food processor. My parents bought it for my last Christmas and this was my second time using it. It was a pretty simple recipe and I didn't crave anything crazy tonight. I took a can of chick peas and rinsed them. Throw those in the food processor. Add 1/2 cup fresh parsley, 1 clove of garlic, tsp cumin, salt and pepper. Grind it up!
Form them into patties. Put flour on each side and cook them in the pan.

I ate mine with salad and some tasty red pepper hummus. Life was good tonight.

Dinner was great and wine was better. I'm going to continue my lazy streak and wait for Teen Mom to come on. Tonight is the season finale in case you were unaware, it's a guilty pleassure for me. I'm sure happy that I wasn't a teen mom but I think Maci does a stand up job, much like my own mother.

Darlene was 17 when she had my brother and 19 when she had me. I personally think my mom did a great job. I turned out pretty awesome. She taught me the important things like manners, using common sense and finding the perfect pair of shoes. She did not teach me how to spend wisely, how to save wisely and the benefits of a 401k. Luckily, I have a dad for the money matters and a mom for the shopping matters.
Here we are in Egypt. We took the trip of a lifetime together!

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