Saturday, September 24, 2011

Screaming for the weekend

I scream. You Scream. We all scream Hoorah for the weekend!

I have a nice little weekend planned. It started out with a bang.

Advice of the day: Do not put your cellphone in your back pocket. Ever.
I went to the hospital for coffee and well... short story- dropped my phone in the toilet. Shoot. It was not looking good for my little buddy. I was devastated. And I don't have $199 to buy a new one at the Apple Store.

Instead of freaking out too much last night I had some dinner first with Ashly at Margarita's.

These little baby quesadillas were awesome. Then me and Ashly headed to this nice little Mall. Ok it was not nice. There is a shoe store called Blaze where shoes cost $2.99. A one stop shop. You can also purchase a bright pink bra for $2.99. Awesome. We clearly didn't find anything to our liking but we did decide to see what a hurricane felt like.
Winds at over 70mph. Woah! The fun times had to end and we returned home.

Then it was time to tend to my phone.

Here it is resting in a bowl of rice.

Does the rice technique work? I'm not sure. A lot of people swear by it. I asked the iStore if they thought it worked. Her response "Maybe. But you might just get rice stuck in your phone."
I let it sit by itself for awhile. Then I gave in and gave my phone a rice bath. Did it work? No idea but my phone stopped making crazy noises. Amen!

After the excitement of my phone working, I decided I should hit the gym. I was a little lazy at the gym but at least I went! I came home the hungriest monster but needed coffee first. Thank you 1369!

Coffee and a bowl of rice. My cell phone was placed back in this bowl after the photo.

I made some lunch. A quick lunch due to my roaring stomach!
I enjoyed some mini triscuits and hummus. I also made some cole slaw mix, broccoli, galirc, faux chicken and peanut sauce. All in a frying pan with some olive oil. YUM!!

Now I am off to get ready to head to the Life is Good Fest! I am looking forward to some killer live music (Avett Brothers!!) and some beers in a large field. Don't be too jealous!

Hope your Life is as good as mine today!

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