Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My 4 part epic journey

Kids. I'm about take part in an epic journey.
One that has multiple parts.
And it starts tomorrow. Holy Heck it's here.

Part 1:

London Town Baby!

I start this journey in London. Me and Maggie
are headed there tomorrow night and we'll
touch down and meet Jillian in the morning.
It will include a glorious stop at the Muffin Man
and it will definitely be 36 hours of tasty beer.

Friday evening begins the real journey 

Part 2:

We'll spending 10 days traveling throughout Thailand-
the land of a million smiles. It will include mass amounts
of Pad Thai and all the other tasty treats I am lucky enough to 

Part 3:


The three us will travel overland and across
the border to view one of the seven wonders
of the world. Angkor Wat. It's insane beauty will most 
certainly captivate us for the short time we have there.

Part 4:

Phi Phi Don

We finish this final journey relaxing on the beaches
of Ko Phi Phi Don. This is one of my favorite parts
of this trip. It is most definitely going to be paradise
and a perfect end to a perfect trip. 

Fear not friends! I'll do my best to write it all down and 
give you an insane recap of this trip. I am most positive
this will be an adventure full of great stories. I hope they are
so wild I can only share 10% on here. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm too busy to date.

I've been told I'm too busy to date.
What does that even mean?
I didn't believe it to be true until today.
Ok- I still don't believe it but I did have
an eye opening moment into how busy life
can get. 

I had a meeting with my boss regarding my 
upcoming schedule. I'm traveling a lot lately.
I'm heading to Thailand soon. I travel in March/April.
May. June/July. Holy heck.

It's great.. I'm not complaining trust me.
Travel was my first love. And I'm
 really looking forward to heading to 
Alaska, back out west and more.

But back to my point-
Can you be too busy to date? Too busy
to let someone into your life? Apparently.
But I refuse to give up and give in to my
schedule. I might just have to realize
that I should be dating someone in another
country. No? That won't work? Shoot.

I started this blog to write about my healthy
love for life. It has mostly become about my
crazy life and love of food and beer. So while 
my life is still healthy, there is just less love
and lust for dating and more for food
and beer. 

Speaking of food.. tonight I had a tasty
delicious dinner.
I made more Kale Chips. Mashed cauliflower
and Gardein mandarin chicken. It's
faux chicken but it's seriously as awesome
as an any real chicken dish. Now time
for HIMYM. Boo-yah!

Are you too busy to date? Do you date even though
you're busy? What advice do you have for busy people?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finally took the plunge

I think I blinked and it's Sunday. 

I finally made kale chips yesterday. I
was scared to try kale and finally took the plunge!
Amazing! New fav veggie.
1- pre-heat oven to 350
2- break kale off of stem. 
3- put on baking sheet that is lined with parchment
4- season with olive oil, salt and anything else you like.
5- bake for 10mins. ENJOY!

So simple and delicious!

After dinner I went out to spend one last
evening with the Europeans. We met at Towne
for drinks and dinner. Just drinks for me. But the
atmosphere was great and the food was tasty.
We went for more drinks at Dillon's after.

Miriam and I enjoying our ciders.

Maggie, Me and Candice. Go Ahead Girls.

It was nice catching up with friends and saying
goodbye to my Europeans. I miss them already!

Today's lunch was put on hold until after 2
because I couldn't decide what to eat. And then it hit me.
I was having a serious craving for Clover for lunch.
I also realized the Grillo's Pickles opened near clover.
I went and ordered 2 spears to go. Then from Clover I
ordered the chickpea fritter to go.
This was easily my lunch of the week winner.
It was very filling and was the perfect lunch.
I recommend hitting up both places. Clover
is frying the pickles from Grillo's but only after
3pm. Unfortunately, I arrived at  2:40 and it wasn't
time yet. But it's something to look forward to!

Question of the day: What kind of lunch do you usually

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Date nights

Life has been crazy busy lately!
My social life is booming due to the
fact all my friends from Lucerne are in Boston.

We've been filling up on good food.
We went for Lobster since they don't
get to have it much. Lobster would
be my lunch of choice every day if it were
possible for my life and wallet.

Thursday we had our annual work meeting which
included bowling and food at elephant walk.
The bowling was pretty good. I could have
done better considering once I was part
of the bowling club. Not a joke.

Dinner at Elephant Walk was amazing! It
was such good food. And I'm happy to report
that in less than 2 weeks- I'll be sitting in Thailand
eating the most delicious pad thai ever. And likely
for two weeks straight.

At dinner I found out Barbara has recently learned
to make balloon animals. A lady of mystery!

It was a great night with work and it helped
me to remember that I'm lucky to work in
such a great place!

I was TGIF-ing hard yesterday.
So I indulged in a tasty treat from Whole Foods.
For some odd reason their idea of a sample
actually means full size.
Yep- those are "samples" from whole foods.
It was a good thing to include in my Friday.
And it was easily the love of my week.

Since I'm not having real date nights,
 me and Ashly went out for our own "date"
night. It included amazing indian from Mela.
It's in the South End and I highly recommend it.
But- the owners also own Diva and the Dosa
Factory among others. So visit one of them if you

Then it was time for the main event...
Beauty and The Beast in 3D.
I also saw Lion King when it came out.
Guess what folks- Finding Nemo and Titanic
are also going to be released in 3D.
It was a lot of fun minus the crazy girl who sang
and acted out the entire movie for the crowd.

I've already killed it at the gym today with a
10-mile bike ride and some time on the elliptical.
I shall reward myself later with a delicious bev
of choice.

Hope you are having a healthy and happy
weekend! I also hope no one is Tebow-ing too much.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two favorite Tuesday

Two Favorite Tuesday.
I wish it was called - I drank a delicious pint of
 beer. But I didn't because I'm watching what I ingest.
Saturday is the free day. Which usually includes beer.
I wish today included beer but it didn't.
That's one of my favorite things but I'm not
counting it today. Maybe I should re-name today?

Anyways- all my friends are visiting from Lucerne
which is great. My job entails being part of a team
that all work from Switzerland. I am the lone wolf
in Boston. So it's alwas nice to visit and eat food
and drink beer together. Which is what we did last
night at Meadhall. A fav of mine in Cambridge. Over
100 beers on tap? Yes please. I had the shipyard
that you see above.

Ok- two favorite things Tuesday. Let's do this.

1- Hanging with friends at exciting events.
I mentioned I was going to Frozen Fenway over
the weekend. It was awesome! The weather was killer
and lots of friends were around.

Umaine won. Then I almost got in a bar fight. True story-
I kept reminding UNH fans that they suck. Bad move.
But I made it alive to the Baseball Tavern for a few
bevs (beer) with friends. Closing time came and we stumbled
on to the street and decided it was the prime photo opportunity.
Ok-I basically threw my camera at the bouncer and he snapped
a few shots.
Classy bunch of kids.

It was a great weekend.

2- Spin bikes at the gym.

Sometimes I'm a gym rat. And I eat really
healthy 90% of the time. Ok maybe 85%. But it's
because I seriously love taking care of myself.! I'm not
 trying to lose weight but I do love feeling good
about myself and accomplishing things. Working out sucks.
Seriously- it does. But the after results and the feeling
of accomplishment is what counts.

My gym has these killer spin bikes. You can watch
a video and spin. It's like a class for one and it's awesome.
You do have to push yourself but I was sweating like crazy.

10 miles. Done and Done.

So I guess what I'm saying is enjoy
some beer with your friends and also take
care of yourself.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's caveman approved

Today is Frozen Fenway! I've been
looking forward to this for months!
My Alma Mater is playing- Umaine. And
I'm hoping for a big win against UNH!
It's a great day for hockey. The weather is beautiful
out there and I can't wait.

I'll have more on the event tomorrow.

Today I have two AMAZING recipes for you.

First- Palee-Oats!
I love real oatmeal but when I saw this recipe
that Tina posted, I had to give it a whirl. Lots
of people are following the Paleo diet these
days. Here's a great recipe:

1/4 cup almond milk
3 egg whites
1 small banana (mashed)

In a saucepan mix milk, eggs, and banana.
Then mix in cinnamon and vanilla. You can add
more spices or nuts or berries if you want.
Keep whisking until it fluffs up to your liking.
It will look like oats I promise. It should just take 3 or 4
mins to get to a good consistency. It's so fluffy and delicious.
I added 1/4 cup oats to mine and a tbsp of PB.
Holy Hell. Amaaaazing!

You might be skeptical.. but seriously this is my new
favorite breakfast. It just beat out my protein pancakes.
Plus- it's caveman approved.

Second: Easy Breakfast Cookie
1/4 oats
1 egg white
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp vanilla

Mix the ingredients together
Spray a bowl with canola spray and mold like a
 cookie. Microwave for a minute. Don't cook it
too long or it will get too crunchy.
I topped mine with PB of course. I had
one before the gym for a quick healthy bite
to hold me over until my real breakfast.

Enjoy these awesome recipes.

I'm off to get ready for a day of hockey.
And probably beer and fried food.
I can't be healthy all the time.

Do you have any special diet you follow?
Any tips for quick, healthy recipes?

Monday, January 2, 2012

My own Champagne Supernova

Happy New Year!
Can you believe it's 2012? Well
as someone born in the 80's I thought things
would be a heck of a lot different. Flying cars
anyone? Taking a pill for dinner instead of
real food. Ok- well some people
already do this.

I brought in 2011 with a bang! I was
surrounded by fantastic people and
great bevies. We started at Maggie's and
Jillian's place. With ate some food and
sipped champagne.

 Then we had more champagne.
I had my own little champagne supernova.

It was worth it.

We got into our finest. I opted
for a sparkling number... and more champagne.
At least my champagne included fruit- OJ.
Did I fall in love on NYE? No- there wasn't
a lot of man candy at the party. And what few men there
were- women out numbered them by at least 7. This
meant everyone was after the same guy. So-
we all decided to go home with each other
and eat pizza together. I couldn't think of a
better way to spend the end of 2011 and the
start of a fresh new year.

Yesterday is another story... ouch.
I don't think I moved from my bed until 6pm.
That's when Ashly and I ventured out for
some food. I had a terrible day of eating.
But- it happens.
We went to Foundry on Elm. It was eh.
I had a burger so that was hard to screw up.
But Ashly had the Fall Turkey Sandwich.
It tasted like a plate of salt and pork. So
we went to J.P. Licks after because it was
the only way to fix the bad meal.

Today I've already gone to the gym and
got my groceries. I'm about to take a nap
because this head cold is killer!

Happy New Year! I hope you are off
to a great and memorable start. Keep being