Thursday, September 29, 2011

2 lunch kind of day.

I've had some serious migraines for 2 days.
At first I thought it was a lack of food.

I had 2 lunches yesterday. This was the second part. I always think that when I'm sick coffee and food help. It's never true.

My dinner last consisted of eggs mixed with left over chicken sausage and toast. Real exciting stuff. You can see my migraine we still killing me.

Today I woke up feeling better. I did a run and a huge breakfast.
I had a dentist appointment and had to apologize for eating. Sorry but I can't wait til after 9am to eat!

I started feeling like death around noon again. I needed 2 lunches.
A salad and more risotto. I'm over risotto for awhile.

I decided that I was wasting my time being at work since my head couldn't concentrate. I took a half a day. It was ok because I had to drive to Maine anyways and it was better to drive with a migraine in no traffic than with a migraine with traffic. If I had gone with choice #2- I'd be in jail right now. Hopefully Lil Wayne somehow ended up in the same place as me. I'd get to check that off my bucket list.

number 34- spend a day with Lil Wayne.

Since I got to Maine early- I picked Lily up from daycare. She was doing some real crazy things there. I enjoy picking her up because she does funny things and then has great convo in the car. We sang the entire way home about who would let the dogs out. Literally... we sang sentences to each other.

We had dinner with my mom. I had another bucket of salad, 6 french fries, 3 bites of grilled cheese and finished with 7 bites of chocolate and peanut butter cake. Woah!

We are having a tea party now at my parents house.
My Q&A with Lily- part 1
What's your favorite color?- Pink
What's your favorite animal?- puppies
What's your favorite thing to do?- play in sandboxes
Where is your favorite place to go? - the beach
What is your favorite place to eat?- Rainforest cafe
What is something people should know about you?0- I like cute birds.
What is your favorite food?- macaroni and cheese
What is something you want to do that you haven't done?- Run in the park. But a brand new park.
What is something you want everyone to know?- I do like princesses.

There you have it. We have a lot more to learn about this girl. She has agreed to let me video her doing a tap dance for us. It looks more like an irish jig than anything at this point.

Is there anything you want Lily to answer?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The perfect quickie

Today flew by!
I love days like that. Especially since today was like my Wednesday!
Two more days of work and it's the wedding weekend!

Today I meant to wake up for a nice run but I somehow set my alarm for 5:30pm. Not am.
That won't work. Luckily I still woke up in time for pancakes.
I had a meeting at work to prep for. Being late was not an option.

I was ready for lunch when it was over.
Lunch was an array of items. This delicious cup of yogurt that I practically got for free from coupons acquired at Life is Good Fest. Vanilla covered in Chocolate. Yeah so good.
 I also had some mini triscuits and hummus and green beans. Yeah- an array of items in the house.

I tried to get my phone fixed on my lunch. I thought this man at the iStore solved the mystery. Wrong! He actually made it worse! It was working properly but got a little hot from time to time. Now- it shuts off every five minutes or so. So I'll head back tomorrow. Nice way to spend my lunch break.

I came home to cook a quick dinner. I borrowed an idea from Tina at Carrots'N'Cake. It was terrific.

I cooked all the items separately and then combined. She was right- it was the perfect quickie (for dinner-get your mind out of the gutter).
I roasted the broccoli. I also roasted some brussel sprouts for lunch tomorrow!

Great news about this dinner. It will be for lunch tomorrow with the brussel sprouts. Yum!

I let my stomach settle and then hit the gym and got in a 5 mile run! Ah go me! Sometimes you have it in you and sometimes you don't.

I have the wedding weekend fast approaching and about a million things to do. But I also get to see Lily this weekend! We are going to see the Lion King in 3D. I'm also going to have a Q&A session with her that I'll post on here. People are fastened with my little monkey of a niece. She is more like a firecracker these days.

It is hard to believe she used to look like this.

My peanut practically has her drivers license.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Goods News and Bad News

Bad News: The weekend is over.
Good News: Monday is over.

I had a great weekend. I finished the weekend off with a Ray.
Ray LaMontagne that is! We checked into Life is Good. And Life was still good.

I got moves.

I had another sandwich from the Clover Food Truck.
This time it was an Egg and Eggplant. It was divine!

It was a hard boiled egg, sliced eggplant, some veggies and some sort of dressing. It was tasty goodness in a pita. Then it was time to grab and beer and get to the stage! We wanted a good seat for Ray!

Close enough? We watched the Levon Helm Band first.
I think my parents probably like them. Levon is a legendary man. I had more fun watching than I thought I would. It was a good idea to get there early because Ray came out early!

I think Ray is a handsome man. He actually reminds me of my brother. A man of few words but clearly so intelligent and has great taste in music. He has real talent and just loves music... not the money or the fame it comes with.

He came back out to perform on his own and it was incredible. Totally different from the night before where I jumped so much that I lost 3lbs (these lbs were replaced by ice cream later).
Ray really rocked it. When he played "Let it be me", goosebumps covered my arms and I almost cried. Literally- that is how excited I was.
He wore that classy hat. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry.. he likes to move a lot. He bends at the knees to dig deep for the raspy notes. It was a fantastic show. Life was so good all weekend.

I even scored a ton of Lara Bars. I love love love Lara Bars. I am a big fan because I can read the ingredients. They have from 2 to 8 ingredients a bar. Cherry Pie is my current fav. Look at the loot I picked up!

Plenty of bars for my gym visits!

Today was a busy Monday at work. Prepping for meetings.
I squeezed in a delicious lunch.

Giant salad. This is pretty much what I had for dinner as well.

It is a short week for me. This weekend is Kayla and Jason's wedding! Wahoo!

My parents also acquired a new dog this weekend. His name is Bruno. This is their idea of helping us cope with the loss of Winnie. Thing is- Winnie is still alive. So it's more like a distraction while Winnie passes away. Other thing is- I'm not distracted. Now I'm just worried about our new dog being just as depressed as my other 2 dogs when it does happen.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life is good.

This weekend is good. Full of fun times.

I headed to Life is Good fest yesterday afternoon. It was a blast.
There were so many freebies. We had our fill of food and freebies. I also had some delicious beers. I found out that Magic Hat #9 is my new favorite (ok not my favorite because Guinness holds that place in my heart.)

We had some fun before the music happened. Lots of funny photos.

I had a chickpea fritter sandwich from the Clover food truck. Finally! I've been talking about this silly truck forever now and I found it!
It was a really awesome day. A festival full of good vibes... this is right up my alley. Plus the whole festival is about doing good for people and the planet. I love that!

We also watched some music. I'm super hooked on the Avett Brothers. They were the whole reason I wanted to attend this festival. They were incredible! I was screaming, dancing and jumping like a crazy person.
I love a good Banjo.

We had the best time. We finished up by screaming and yelling the whole car ride home. It was a serious positive vibe experience.

This morning I woke up still feeling positive. I went for a run. It was terrible. Honestly. I learned the following lessons:
1- Don't eat a big breakfast and run 30 mins after.
2- Drink plenty of water before. I cup of coffee and a swig of water won't work.

But at least I got out there and did it. I packed money for a coffee stop on my way home. I stopped at 1369 of course. Delightful per usual.

I'm getting ready now to head out to day 2 of Life is Good. Life really is good.  Check out what I got in the mail.
I received a free sample of mascara and lip stain from InStyle Magazine. Awesome!

I had a little baby lunch today so I could save room for beer and Lara Bar and Chobani samples!

Are you feeling good today?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Screaming for the weekend

I scream. You Scream. We all scream Hoorah for the weekend!

I have a nice little weekend planned. It started out with a bang.

Advice of the day: Do not put your cellphone in your back pocket. Ever.
I went to the hospital for coffee and well... short story- dropped my phone in the toilet. Shoot. It was not looking good for my little buddy. I was devastated. And I don't have $199 to buy a new one at the Apple Store.

Instead of freaking out too much last night I had some dinner first with Ashly at Margarita's.

These little baby quesadillas were awesome. Then me and Ashly headed to this nice little Mall. Ok it was not nice. There is a shoe store called Blaze where shoes cost $2.99. A one stop shop. You can also purchase a bright pink bra for $2.99. Awesome. We clearly didn't find anything to our liking but we did decide to see what a hurricane felt like.
Winds at over 70mph. Woah! The fun times had to end and we returned home.

Then it was time to tend to my phone.

Here it is resting in a bowl of rice.

Does the rice technique work? I'm not sure. A lot of people swear by it. I asked the iStore if they thought it worked. Her response "Maybe. But you might just get rice stuck in your phone."
I let it sit by itself for awhile. Then I gave in and gave my phone a rice bath. Did it work? No idea but my phone stopped making crazy noises. Amen!

After the excitement of my phone working, I decided I should hit the gym. I was a little lazy at the gym but at least I went! I came home the hungriest monster but needed coffee first. Thank you 1369!

Coffee and a bowl of rice. My cell phone was placed back in this bowl after the photo.

I made some lunch. A quick lunch due to my roaring stomach!
I enjoyed some mini triscuits and hummus. I also made some cole slaw mix, broccoli, galirc, faux chicken and peanut sauce. All in a frying pan with some olive oil. YUM!!

Now I am off to get ready to head to the Life is Good Fest! I am looking forward to some killer live music (Avett Brothers!!) and some beers in a large field. Don't be too jealous!

Hope your Life is as good as mine today!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Faux Exercise=Beer Time

I had the pleassure of having a friend visit Boston for a solid 10 hours. But you know what? 10 hours of hang time is greater than zero hang time!

I picked Troy up from the airport. I then proceeded to walk him 4 miles around Cambridge- hey, a girl needs her exercise!

Then after faux exercise it was beer time. We had to wait for Ashly to get out of work for lunch so we killed the time by having some beers at Bukowski's in Cambridge. This is the same Bukowski's that Lady Gaga visited when she was here. That isn't why I love this place but it also doesn't hurt.
Our waitress knew we loved pumpkin beer so she let us try a few.

I was excited. Troy was not as thrilled.

Ashly finally arrived and we headed to lunch at Tavern in the Square. We had some lunch... and more beers.
I had to say farewell to my friends because I was heading to the Sox game. It was fan appreciation week. I didn't get shown any appreciation. But it was still a lot of fun and it was a great night for Baseball.
I love fall. I think the weather is so perfect for all the best activities outside. It was a good night. Me and Jillian laughed about my search history on google...

When I said I loved Matt Lauer, I wasn't joking. And just to clarify so no one thinks that I'm a perv- I googled this because nobody believed he has a 6 pack.. maybe it's an 8 pack. But I had to prove it! I also needed to double check the capital of Wyoming.

Tonight I had a couple of drinks with friends downtown. Dinner was less than perfect but sometimes life calls for that.

I was feeling really tired tonight and not into it. I had to call it an early night and head home. I am going to try and get a good run in early tomorrow morning before work.

TGIF! What is your favorite thing about the weekend? Mine is sleeping in!

But I do have a great weekend ahead of me and I'll be heading to the Life is Good festival. I love love the Avett Brothers and I can't wait to see them. Do you love a good Hippie Fest?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thanks for walking with me

I meant to go to the gym tonight. But I didn't. Instead I cooked dinner and sat on my butt. I thought I could go after Glee was over but realized 9pm would be too late for a workout. So instead- I'm having a glass of wine and watching Glee. I'm a sucker for this show.

Today I had some help from the God's above. I was walking to work like I always do. I realized "My lips are chapped." I felt the pocket on my coat that I never wear and BAM- chapstick.

Thank you for walking with me, Chapstick! My day was off to a good start.

Today I finally found a dentist in Boston! I think finding a dentist is the hardest part of any move. I got along just fine this long without a new dentist. I kept making my appointments in Maine. But today I finally realized it was no longer possible. I took the plunge and I found one.. ok I found 3. I made 3 appointments and now I need to cancel two of them. In a week my teeth will be perfection. Good thing too- right before the wedding! (keep in mind I moved to Boston in January of 2009. I just now found a dentist.)

Tonight I made chickpea patties! The excitement of using my food processor. My parents bought it for my last Christmas and this was my second time using it. It was a pretty simple recipe and I didn't crave anything crazy tonight. I took a can of chick peas and rinsed them. Throw those in the food processor. Add 1/2 cup fresh parsley, 1 clove of garlic, tsp cumin, salt and pepper. Grind it up!
Form them into patties. Put flour on each side and cook them in the pan.

I ate mine with salad and some tasty red pepper hummus. Life was good tonight.

Dinner was great and wine was better. I'm going to continue my lazy streak and wait for Teen Mom to come on. Tonight is the season finale in case you were unaware, it's a guilty pleassure for me. I'm sure happy that I wasn't a teen mom but I think Maci does a stand up job, much like my own mother.

Darlene was 17 when she had my brother and 19 when she had me. I personally think my mom did a great job. I turned out pretty awesome. She taught me the important things like manners, using common sense and finding the perfect pair of shoes. She did not teach me how to spend wisely, how to save wisely and the benefits of a 401k. Luckily, I have a dad for the money matters and a mom for the shopping matters.
Here we are in Egypt. We took the trip of a lifetime together!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Food Hovering.

Another nice weekend. If I were wearing a belt- it would be underneath it.

Yesterday I headed out to meet Katie at her place and then we walked to Emily's new place for the BBQ. I think I walked 6 miles yesterday. It was also a birthday celebration for Joe and we drank plenty of beers and ate plenty of food to celebrate the occassion.
I basically hovered around this table for the day. I'm always a food hoverer.

We hung out on the roof. There were lions there.

There was also beer. It was clearly safe up there.
And a lot of talk about Matt Lauer. Yes- he has an 8-pack and yes- I love him.

He's on the top of my Holywood list. Look at the sexy squint and rippling muscles. How many older men look like this?!?!

Ok ok, back to the weekend.

It was great to see friends and hang out. I came home sleepy and out of it. I wanted to be rested for my day with my mom and Lily.

I was ready today! I got a quick run in and some pancakes of course. I was ready!

I met them in Burlington for a day of shopping. We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe so Lily could have some fun.
 We watched the fake alligator. Lily screamed everytime it moved and refused to get too close.

Lily became a photographer and was mad I stole the camera.

But then she got her grilled cheese and life was good again.
We did some shopping and Lily borrowed my camera and took some photos. She will be shooting for National Geographic in no time.
She also took this awesome photo where she somehow caught herself in the photo.

Check her out. She also caught me catching her!
We had a great day! New Clothes and food in the house= Kandi with clothes on and not starving to death.

I love spending time with my Mom and Lily. We always have fun. Mostly because I let Lily do whatever she wants and my mom has to be the bad cop. I can't wait to see them again in a couple weeks!

I got home and was starving and whipped up something quick. I took broccoli, cole slaw mix, faux chicken and peanut sauce. Saute and Voila. Dinner in a flash.

I'm ready for the work week and my coffee breaks. They always bring a fun conversations. Last week we talked about non-negotiables in a relationship. I've come up with a few of mine:

1- You must love dogs. Or be open to loving them.
2- You must like travel. Or be open to traveling. Or daydream about getting away.
3- You must love food. I love to cook. Maybe you don't so hopefully you at least will eat what I cook.
4- You must enjoy being somewhat healthy and being outdoors.

I personally think these are all valid points for my life. Maybe your's are different. You might like cats or maybe you like eating and need someone to cook for you. Point is that we all have things we look for in someone/partner. In reality, someone might come along that doesn't fit the mold and our minds change completely.