Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Congratulations on the World's Best Coffee!

It has become a personal goal of myself and Laura to find some of the best coffee the city has to offer- Ok within a two mile radius of our work in Cambridge. Our favorite has been 1369 or is it 1634? Anyways, our journey brought us inside of MGH to Coffee Central. We poked around on Yelp and found "Coffee Central." We were not disappointed. After one sip I shouted "We've found it! The World's Best Iced Coffee!"

Laura Loved It! She shouted in joy!

The Hazelnut flavor was dancing in my mouth with happiness! I'm also excited that we got coffee in a hospital. Prime place for spotting some good looking doctor's men. Plus there is an outdoor patio for basking in the sun while enjoying your mouth watering coffee.

You get the point.. that coffee was great! Will we switch the search to "Best Tea" in the area when we pick our coffee winner?

Following the best Hazelnut Iced Coffee I've ever had (ok it's the only one), I went to Yoga in the Park on the Esplanade with Christine and Kim. We had some good, old fashioned, stretching fun!

Christine just sat in Shavasana.

Kim worked on her back bends. Flexible gal like Gumby!

I practiced some cobra instead.

It was a great day and evening of coffee and yoga. They should be best friends!

Lesson of the day: All good things come to those who wait. This not only applies to life and love. It also applies to coffee. While the search will continue for the next best one, we will always remember Hazelnut Iced Coffee from Coffee Central in MGH.

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