Sunday, September 18, 2011

Food Hovering.

Another nice weekend. If I were wearing a belt- it would be underneath it.

Yesterday I headed out to meet Katie at her place and then we walked to Emily's new place for the BBQ. I think I walked 6 miles yesterday. It was also a birthday celebration for Joe and we drank plenty of beers and ate plenty of food to celebrate the occassion.
I basically hovered around this table for the day. I'm always a food hoverer.

We hung out on the roof. There were lions there.

There was also beer. It was clearly safe up there.
And a lot of talk about Matt Lauer. Yes- he has an 8-pack and yes- I love him.

He's on the top of my Holywood list. Look at the sexy squint and rippling muscles. How many older men look like this?!?!

Ok ok, back to the weekend.

It was great to see friends and hang out. I came home sleepy and out of it. I wanted to be rested for my day with my mom and Lily.

I was ready today! I got a quick run in and some pancakes of course. I was ready!

I met them in Burlington for a day of shopping. We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe so Lily could have some fun.
 We watched the fake alligator. Lily screamed everytime it moved and refused to get too close.

Lily became a photographer and was mad I stole the camera.

But then she got her grilled cheese and life was good again.
We did some shopping and Lily borrowed my camera and took some photos. She will be shooting for National Geographic in no time.
She also took this awesome photo where she somehow caught herself in the photo.

Check her out. She also caught me catching her!
We had a great day! New Clothes and food in the house= Kandi with clothes on and not starving to death.

I love spending time with my Mom and Lily. We always have fun. Mostly because I let Lily do whatever she wants and my mom has to be the bad cop. I can't wait to see them again in a couple weeks!

I got home and was starving and whipped up something quick. I took broccoli, cole slaw mix, faux chicken and peanut sauce. Saute and Voila. Dinner in a flash.

I'm ready for the work week and my coffee breaks. They always bring a fun conversations. Last week we talked about non-negotiables in a relationship. I've come up with a few of mine:

1- You must love dogs. Or be open to loving them.
2- You must like travel. Or be open to traveling. Or daydream about getting away.
3- You must love food. I love to cook. Maybe you don't so hopefully you at least will eat what I cook.
4- You must enjoy being somewhat healthy and being outdoors.

I personally think these are all valid points for my life. Maybe your's are different. You might like cats or maybe you like eating and need someone to cook for you. Point is that we all have things we look for in someone/partner. In reality, someone might come along that doesn't fit the mold and our minds change completely.

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