Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What a night!

Yesterday was a heck of a day!

The day started like any other Tuesday. I went to the gym and headed to work.
My roommate Katie randomly asked if I wanted to head to the red sox game after work.
I never really pass up the opportunity to go to a game!

I enjoyed some fruit and lunch while dancing in my seat with excitement.

It was 5:30 before I knew it!
Time for the Sox game. We had pretty decent seats courtesy of Katie. We soaked them up.
Now there is something you should know in case you ever attend a game with me. I am a public dancer. I will dance like a crazy person and sing as loud as I can at games. I'm sorry if I disrupt your game experience... but this is part of mine!

Dinner consisted of a protein bar, beer and a bag of peanuts.

The game was off to a superb start. It was really close at first. And then.... we started to smoke them!

Lots of people started to clear out. They clearly didm't understand that this night would go down in the history books!

We upgraded our seats.

Things were good. But they were abot to get better! We jumped our seats a couple rows up again!
All the jumping was worth it.
WE WON! 18 to 6. My heart was beating out of my chest. I had never been directly behind the dugout.
Yes that is Dusty! We had front row action for the after party.
Wakefield had successfully won 200 games. We stayed for the celebration. My phone was on it's very last leg. I just needed 1 picture of the man of the hour! 
I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I couldn't breath and today I have no voice.
Finally- he came out!

It was the most exciting night in forever. I feel so blessed to have been there and been apart of it.
I was so happy for Wakefield since he has been plugging away at this for some time now.
The whole way home me and Katie still couldn't believe what we had seen. My heart was pounding the whole ride home. I had the worst time trying to fall asleep due to my adrenaline.

Today I'm tired. But it was totally worth the night I had.
Sorry if you weren't there and you dis-like me after this post.

Tonight- Yoga in the Park!

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