Monday, September 26, 2011

Goods News and Bad News

Bad News: The weekend is over.
Good News: Monday is over.

I had a great weekend. I finished the weekend off with a Ray.
Ray LaMontagne that is! We checked into Life is Good. And Life was still good.

I got moves.

I had another sandwich from the Clover Food Truck.
This time it was an Egg and Eggplant. It was divine!

It was a hard boiled egg, sliced eggplant, some veggies and some sort of dressing. It was tasty goodness in a pita. Then it was time to grab and beer and get to the stage! We wanted a good seat for Ray!

Close enough? We watched the Levon Helm Band first.
I think my parents probably like them. Levon is a legendary man. I had more fun watching than I thought I would. It was a good idea to get there early because Ray came out early!

I think Ray is a handsome man. He actually reminds me of my brother. A man of few words but clearly so intelligent and has great taste in music. He has real talent and just loves music... not the money or the fame it comes with.

He came back out to perform on his own and it was incredible. Totally different from the night before where I jumped so much that I lost 3lbs (these lbs were replaced by ice cream later).
Ray really rocked it. When he played "Let it be me", goosebumps covered my arms and I almost cried. Literally- that is how excited I was.
He wore that classy hat. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry.. he likes to move a lot. He bends at the knees to dig deep for the raspy notes. It was a fantastic show. Life was so good all weekend.

I even scored a ton of Lara Bars. I love love love Lara Bars. I am a big fan because I can read the ingredients. They have from 2 to 8 ingredients a bar. Cherry Pie is my current fav. Look at the loot I picked up!

Plenty of bars for my gym visits!

Today was a busy Monday at work. Prepping for meetings.
I squeezed in a delicious lunch.

Giant salad. This is pretty much what I had for dinner as well.

It is a short week for me. This weekend is Kayla and Jason's wedding! Wahoo!

My parents also acquired a new dog this weekend. His name is Bruno. This is their idea of helping us cope with the loss of Winnie. Thing is- Winnie is still alive. So it's more like a distraction while Winnie passes away. Other thing is- I'm not distracted. Now I'm just worried about our new dog being just as depressed as my other 2 dogs when it does happen.

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