Sunday, September 11, 2011

Veggie Wraps and Tutti Fruity

Weekends go too fast don't they?
Well I had a heck of a weekend!
Friday was spent relaxing with a ddelicious Maine delicacy-

I had 3 of these veggie wraps this weekend. Not joking.

Saturday was the day of celebration! Danielle did a great job planning a surprise bachelorette party for Kayla.
We met at the nail salon for some pampering.
Surprise! We had a great time getting pampered while having some tasty champagne.

We headed back to the hotel to get ready for our night!
First there was a tasty cake and new man waiting for Kayla.

Wahoo! Let the good times roll.
We had our whistles ready!

And Kayla was ready to let loose!

We got to Fuji and a few scorpion bowls were had.

We had hibachi and I also had some salmon sushi.

We hit the town for dancing and lots of fruity tutti girly drinks with weird names we can't remember.
Multiple bar stops and a stop in the local sexy time shop. We were kicked out due to our hooting and hollering. I was unaware that people like to buy naughty/adult items in silence.
But we had time to purchase these nice labels so people could identify who we were. 

I ended my night with a friend at a bar we closed down laughing our butts off.
Ok- She might have just been laughing at my ridiculousness. I have a habit of saying whatever thought comes to my mouth. Is that good or bad?
We talked about how much I love Portland and hope to move back. I also fell in love with about 12 different men in the whole 8 hours I was there. 3 of these loves happened in a hippie coffee shop. This will be my Central Perk if I move there.

Today has been a day of catching up on sleep and eating another veggie wrap. I also drank a gallon of vitamin water. I have a sick obsession with this stuff.

Overall- it was a great weekend with great friends. Yes- I'm really tired today. Yes- I ate like crap for the last 24hrs. And Yes- my head has been pounding all day. But- it was so worth it to see friends and have fun together. I've been lucky to be having these kind of weekends lately. Great friends and great weekends.

Now I have to prepare for the week. I made my batch of iced coffee for the week and some pumpkin protein pancakes for dinner. It was exactly what I needed!
I leave you with a Lily update. She went to the Litchfield fair and rode all the rides! Check her out:

Next time be prepared for my worst date story. It's a good one.

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