Thursday, September 29, 2011

2 lunch kind of day.

I've had some serious migraines for 2 days.
At first I thought it was a lack of food.

I had 2 lunches yesterday. This was the second part. I always think that when I'm sick coffee and food help. It's never true.

My dinner last consisted of eggs mixed with left over chicken sausage and toast. Real exciting stuff. You can see my migraine we still killing me.

Today I woke up feeling better. I did a run and a huge breakfast.
I had a dentist appointment and had to apologize for eating. Sorry but I can't wait til after 9am to eat!

I started feeling like death around noon again. I needed 2 lunches.
A salad and more risotto. I'm over risotto for awhile.

I decided that I was wasting my time being at work since my head couldn't concentrate. I took a half a day. It was ok because I had to drive to Maine anyways and it was better to drive with a migraine in no traffic than with a migraine with traffic. If I had gone with choice #2- I'd be in jail right now. Hopefully Lil Wayne somehow ended up in the same place as me. I'd get to check that off my bucket list.

number 34- spend a day with Lil Wayne.

Since I got to Maine early- I picked Lily up from daycare. She was doing some real crazy things there. I enjoy picking her up because she does funny things and then has great convo in the car. We sang the entire way home about who would let the dogs out. Literally... we sang sentences to each other.

We had dinner with my mom. I had another bucket of salad, 6 french fries, 3 bites of grilled cheese and finished with 7 bites of chocolate and peanut butter cake. Woah!

We are having a tea party now at my parents house.
My Q&A with Lily- part 1
What's your favorite color?- Pink
What's your favorite animal?- puppies
What's your favorite thing to do?- play in sandboxes
Where is your favorite place to go? - the beach
What is your favorite place to eat?- Rainforest cafe
What is something people should know about you?0- I like cute birds.
What is your favorite food?- macaroni and cheese
What is something you want to do that you haven't done?- Run in the park. But a brand new park.
What is something you want everyone to know?- I do like princesses.

There you have it. We have a lot more to learn about this girl. She has agreed to let me video her doing a tap dance for us. It looks more like an irish jig than anything at this point.

Is there anything you want Lily to answer?

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