Thursday, September 22, 2011

Faux Exercise=Beer Time

I had the pleassure of having a friend visit Boston for a solid 10 hours. But you know what? 10 hours of hang time is greater than zero hang time!

I picked Troy up from the airport. I then proceeded to walk him 4 miles around Cambridge- hey, a girl needs her exercise!

Then after faux exercise it was beer time. We had to wait for Ashly to get out of work for lunch so we killed the time by having some beers at Bukowski's in Cambridge. This is the same Bukowski's that Lady Gaga visited when she was here. That isn't why I love this place but it also doesn't hurt.
Our waitress knew we loved pumpkin beer so she let us try a few.

I was excited. Troy was not as thrilled.

Ashly finally arrived and we headed to lunch at Tavern in the Square. We had some lunch... and more beers.
I had to say farewell to my friends because I was heading to the Sox game. It was fan appreciation week. I didn't get shown any appreciation. But it was still a lot of fun and it was a great night for Baseball.
I love fall. I think the weather is so perfect for all the best activities outside. It was a good night. Me and Jillian laughed about my search history on google...

When I said I loved Matt Lauer, I wasn't joking. And just to clarify so no one thinks that I'm a perv- I googled this because nobody believed he has a 6 pack.. maybe it's an 8 pack. But I had to prove it! I also needed to double check the capital of Wyoming.

Tonight I had a couple of drinks with friends downtown. Dinner was less than perfect but sometimes life calls for that.

I was feeling really tired tonight and not into it. I had to call it an early night and head home. I am going to try and get a good run in early tomorrow morning before work.

TGIF! What is your favorite thing about the weekend? Mine is sleeping in!

But I do have a great weekend ahead of me and I'll be heading to the Life is Good festival. I love love the Avett Brothers and I can't wait to see them. Do you love a good Hippie Fest?

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