Sunday, October 30, 2011

Do the Halloween Crawl.

Woah. This weekend is a blur!
It went by too fast!
But I had a great time celebrating Halloween
with my friends.

It started with a flash mob at work.
We nailed it.
Somehow we didn't win.
So we took our sorry, losing butts out
for drinks. Lindsay's friend was throwing
a party so we crashed.
We danced our butts off. But we decided
to call it an early night since we all had
plans for Saturday. Mine included a full day of
pub crawling. Ouch.

I had very little time to recover before we turned
around and did it again! This time me and Maggie
really took our costume to the next level.
We are supposed to be the female version of
LMFAO. Mostly we got a lot of laughs and we
shuffled around town as much as our feet

I got sleepy after awhile and just rested
on my fro. That thing came in handy!

It was a great weekend. The pub crawl was
kind of a bit much but it turned out alright.
We finished the night with mexi food
before heading home. I think I was asleep by
9pm. I'm not joking.

Tomorrow is really Halloween.
But my celebrating is over.
Today was back to reality.

I started my Sunday Fun day with this free book I
received in the mail courtesy of
It's a really great book. Lots of style tips
based on your body type, item of clothing and
season. You can pick it up at the bookstore for $29.95.
Or you can borrow mine!

For dinner I made a Mexican pizza.
I figured beer wasn't the best dinner choice
so I decided to eat some realfood. It was tasty!
I used 2 tortillas and layered in some goodies.
On the first tortilla I just put black beans.
I bought TJ's cuban style because they're already
seasoned. Then I placed another tortilla on top.
More beans, sliced red pepper and cheese.
I baked it for 15 minutes at 350.

This is the part where I ran to the store for avocado.
I made the rookie mistake of cutting mine which wasn't
ripe. I needed avocado. So I got it.
And I didn't burn the house down while I left.
I put mine on top of lettuce and paired it
with some sour cream. I love, love, love all
mexican cuisine.

Now it's back to reality. Already!

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