Friday, October 28, 2011

Sorry for Party Rocking

Happy Halloween weekend!

Do you enjoy Halloween?
I'm half and half.
I find it foolish to spend loads of
$$$ on a costume. But I do like
dressing up and trying to be
creative. This year I'll be Party
Rocking throughout Boston.

That's me. Getting my dancing feet ready.
My shirt does say Meow. So watch out!

I hope you have have an exciting weekend
planned. Here a few last minute
costume ideas. Scrounge up your goods
and get to it!

Tom Cruise: Risky Business

Classic and easy. I did this once!
Get the following:
Men's button down
Tube socks
Men's briefs
Stunner shades.

It's going to be a cold weekend but this is
a fun costume to rock!

Occupy Wall Street:

Someone at work did this today. I cannot
take full credit. But it's a good one.
Dress in clothes that look dirty. Carry
a tent, sleeping bag and a sign.
(Please shower and don't use the sidewalk
as a restroom.)

Katy Perry- Last Friday Night
Everyone loves everything Katy does.

This is basically the 80's look but better.
Tease your hair.
Get some triangle/shape earrings.
Lots of blue eye shadow.
Bright colors in spandex!
Think pink on top and lime on the bottom.

Jo Calderone- aka Lady Gaga
This is a goody. Especially for a couple.
One can be the real Lady Gaga and the other
can be Jo. Get out your finest suit and white T-shirt.
The suit is easy to get at your local good-will.
Rock it all night long.

Don't worry- tomorrow I'll look more like
this with my friend, Maggie.

I'll have a Halloween re-cap on Sunday.
If I survive!

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