Monday, October 17, 2011

Coming Home- Homecoming recap

Monday again?
At least this past weekend was special.
It was my Homecoming weekend at UMaine. This means a weekend with lots of friends, food and bevs.

I worked a halfy on Friday and car pooled with Nancy.
We made a couple of pit stops.
Sonic and to pick up Katelyn.
We have our priorities straight.

We checked into the classy Black Bear Inn for a weekend of mayhem in Maine.
We made/purchased a new friend along the way.
Cave Tot is his name. Partying is his game.
This little guy was a gift from Sonic.
aka it came in my happy meal.
He hung out a lot this weekend.
We started our trip in style by visiting with the girls of Pi Beta Phi.
Drinks and lots of pictures.
Then it was time to hit up 2 of the 4 bars in town.
Drinks, dances and most importantly a tot to show us a good time.

I showed off some dance moves.
Shortly after this dancing shot it was time for bed.
We had some rest and a nutrional continental breakfast for strength.
Then it was time to tailgate!
No- we didn't really watch the game. We walked around the entire parking lot multiple times to visit people. Oh and have bevs. It was nice to see everyone and meet all the new Pi Phi's. Fresh faces!
Lots of boots were worn and lots of hugs were given.

We had a nice time. Tot even met a few new faces.

There was a gathering for all the alumnae to meet the newbies.
We had a great turn out! Thanks again to Avery for being such an awesome lady!
She made all this happen. Of course with the help of the entire chapter.

After we filled up on junk food, it was time for the final round.
It was time to get ready and get fabulous.
Emily put on a miming performance for awhile.
She actually put on a few performances. Katelyn helped with this one.

We took a lot of photos.
It was basically a photo shoot for an hour before we went out.

We danced on the traditional table.

And someone took some candids of me being a tough guy.

It was another epic evening! There was a lot dancing and sweating.
See- I did do some form of exercise.
Sadly- there isn't much evidence this night existed. I assure you- it did.

We rounded the trip off with a visit to Pat's before hitting the road.
Luckily I only ordered chocolate milk because the service was pretty bad. So were the swarms of flies.
Tot still enjoyed his time there.

I had a really fantastic weekend with friends and it was the perfect way to kick off my birthday!
I always have the best time hanging with Katelyn and Nancy. You guys rocked my socks this weekend.
I can't thank you enough for "making" me go!
It was a pleasure to share a room with Kately, Nancy, Erin and Durkin.
I hope we do it again!

Now I need your help. I'm going to dedicate a post to getting freebies. Do you have any suggestions or websites you use for free samples, surveys or giftcards?

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