Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pay Day Sushi

Last night I went out for "Payday Sushi."
Something to celebrate! We went to
Tapei Tokyo. It was eh. Not because
the sushi wasn't good, but because
I really have to be in the mood for sushi.
Otherwise, I'm trying to choke it down.
I looked over the menu. I always start with
soup or edamame. I picked the soup.
Mushroom soup! It was ok. A little bland
to be honest. But it did the trick. Then I was ready for my
Everyone got an array of items.

I stuck with just a rainbow roll. It was tasty and had
 great texture. I think it was the avocado.
This sushi was still not as good as the sushi I
had in Jackson, Wy this summer. That was
killer sushi! But it was still decent and it was nice to be
with friends.

I returned home for "Pay day groceries."
I took a quick trip to whole foods. Andddd
purchased something I didn't need but
something I wanted.
Don't knock the soy ice cream until you've had it.
It is awesome! And taste like any other ice cream.
But healthier.

Yesterday I got something awesome
in the mail.
A Kind bar from the kind people at Kind.
This in turn lead me to buy more at Whole Foods
last night. It was tasty. This time I bought a PB
and choco kind. Can't wait to eat it!

Well, Halloween is upon us.
What are your plans?
What are you going to be?
I'm always a last minuter and decide
at the last second. So it will not only be
a surprise to you but also to me.

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