Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who likes free stuff?

Birthday celebration are for reals over now.
Last night was the last of the shenanigans.

Emily hosted a pre-gathering at her place.
It was fab per usual. Full of drinks and
tasty food. We had a blast there and
then headed to the Burren. It was a fun night.

Me and Laurel cut our cake together.
I fed her.

My shirt was kind of blinding.

Today I am laying low. Getting lots of rest.

I promised a post on good deals and freebies.
We all know about groupon, living social etc.
But there are so many more out there!
So here are a few of my favs that I use.

I'm really new to BzzAgent. But the idea is great.
They recognize that the best marketing is
word of mouth from the consumer. You take
surveys and sometimes they send you a
product to test out. Then you review it.
Super simple and really cool.

I use e-rewards a lot! You take surveys
and you get rewards. That simple. They have
lots of different rewards and levels. I like to
get the express gift card so I can get free clothes.
But they have airline miles, blockbuster cards and more.
Sign up and get rewarded!

Birch Box! I had heard about this a few times but became
more interested after my friend, Lindsay, talked about.
$10 a month and they send you minis of different
products. $10! That's it! This way you can try something
that is normally super pricey to see if you like it first.

I love going out to eat. My bank account does not.
I'm sure most of you know about But
in case you don't, now you do. It's pretty simple. They offer
a deal on a coupon. You purchase it and follow the rules at
the restaurant. Easy and awesome. Restaurant week doesn't
come around enough in Boston. This helps ease that

I'll keep coming up with the cool ideas. Let me know if
you have any suggestions.

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