Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cheers to the freaking weekend

Cheers to the freaking weekend!
Amen for Saturday.
(this is me cheers-ing to you in my German attire.
The mustache is real.)

Anyways- last night I had a delicious birthday
dinner with my roommates. We went to
Highland Kitchen. I've been waiting
forever to go there!

We got there around 6:30 and there was already a wait.
They told us 35 minutes. Ok fine.
I got a drink- a Dorchester. Highly
recommend it!
(Don't mind my pink hand.)
But then I checked back in
after 35 minutes. They told me another 35 mins.
Ummm come on! But luckily the guy that seemed to run
the show found us and gave us free deviled eggs for
making us wait. They were tasty! Then we got a seat
15 minutes later. It was worth the wait.

We started with apps. Lots of 'em!
North African Dip Plate! It was my kind of
good time!

Ricotta and mozzarella balls. With honey!
It was a fantastic combo of flavors.

Katie also ordered the gnocchi but sorry- no pic.
It was awesome..

I was seriously stuffed but I had a dinner to eat.
I ordered the black bean burger.
I bit into it. IT is the best veggie burger I've had
the privilege of sinking my teeth into.

So good in fact that today I recycled the rest of the meal.

Today rocked because I made a trip to TJ's.
I found two tasty items.
Hummus dressing and pumpkin bread mix.
I drank the hummus while making the bread.
Kidding.. sort of.

Also- I tried their new chocolate covered
potato chips. Get them! They are life

Later today I'm going to celebrate my birthday
with tons of awesome people. Can't wait to
share the night!

Have a lovely evening!

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