Monday, October 10, 2011

The 14 year wait is over!

The weekend is over and it's already Monday.
If you're like me, you don't have this day off.
But if you are really like me you're home sick. Blah!

I had a good weekend full of friends.
We all hung out Saturday night at Grand Canal.
Cocktails with friends are always nice.
I also saw Katie there!
We are serious babes.

Needless to say, it was a fun night and I was happy to get home and sleep.
Sunday was a lazy day full of rest before seeing Hanson!

I needed to get myself together to go meet Jillian. This included coffee and food.
I finally went to Rosie's. It smelt like heaven in there.
I had a pumpkin spice iced coffee and had to sample their brownies on the counter.
They were super delicious. I usually don't order sweet things but maybe I'd consider on my next trip in there.
There will be another.
I made it to Jillian and more importantly, we made it to Hanson at the House of Blues.
I'm a firm believe that good things come to those wait. I waited 14 years to see them in concert.
It was well worth my years of wait.
I was a serious super fan and my entire room was decked out in Hanson. I had my mother buy every single Tiger Beat magazine with them on the cover. I had books, movies and even their Christmas CD. It's still one of my favorite holiday albums.

It was so fun and a great location. The bad news was that I was super sick.
I had to stay in the back for the most part because I was getting sick every few minutes.
It was awful. I didn't want to vomit on any one's feet in the crowd so I stayed away until I felt better.

I got a second wind when they started to sing MmmBop. Yep, they sang it.
While they don't sound like 13 year old pubescent boys anymore, they are actually really awesome and chill guys.

After the show, we waited around and guess what happened to me?
Zach Hanson came out to meet people. I looked like hell and probably smelt of vomit. But- it was worth the wait. He was super nice and met with all the fans. Honestly- I didn't really say much. I had the picture snapped and it was time to retire home.

Kids- dreams do come true. After years and years I finally made it to a show. Honestly- I'd probably go to another one. They were really great and their newer music is really good stuff.

Today- I'm home sick. I am pretty much the worst sick person because:
1- I can't sit still and I do things all day long in the apt.
2- I don't sleep as much as I should.
3- I feel guilty.This is the big one for me. I could be on my death bed and I still think I should go to work. No matter what.

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