Saturday, October 8, 2011

I found the door to hell

Coffee. Woman's best friend.
Yesterday I had a Dr's appt mid afternoon and had to get there.
There was a huge hold up on Cambridge Street. So I walked there.
I walked a total of at least 10 miles yesterday. I have issues.
Luckily, I ate a sandwich before leaving.
Fuel! PB&J. I'm really happy I discovered the sandwich thins. Life changing.

Work was work. I counted the minutes until it was the weekend. I was going for a movie!
Me and Ashly went to see "What's your number?"
Before going to the theater, we walked across Boston for Berry Line.
 The flavor was Fruity Pebbles. You read that right.
It was heaven in a cup! Well worth the walk.
Holy hell. It was amazingggg. Mine has the chocolate on it.
I always have to have a little chocolate sauce on top!
The movie was awesome and I laughed my pants off.
Which made for an awkward walk home.

This morning we went to this intense class at Ashly's gym. It was all weights for 1 hour.
But non stop. I was in pain. Now I cannot turn my head. I feel like the Situation when he has to wear the neck brace.
We can home for fuel! Fooddddd!
Then I went to the farmer's market for more food.

No eye candy today. Unfortunate for my life. Food > Men.
At least I have my priorities in order.

I made out like a bandit at the market today!
$7 spent. I bought an heirloom tomato, brussel sprouts and hummus!
The hummus was heavenly!
I made a quick sandwich with tomato, pesto, egg and cheese on anotherrrrr Sandwich Thin!

Delicious. There was hummus on this plate but I devoured it.
After a mini nap, I went for coffee and snacks at Whole Foods.
It was a success!
These are a new type of bar. But it's a snacky one and only has 150 calories. Pro Bar rocks.

I was on my walk home when I looked around.
The neighborhood is fun. There are decorations everywhere!
It was a nice walk home.
I did find the door to hell in case you were looking.

I'm looking forward to a fun night with friends downtown.
Enjoy this summer-ish weekend!

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