Monday, March 5, 2012

Welcoming a new man to my life!

Introducing the new love of my life!


I had been thinking for awhile that something
was missing from my life. No- not a man. (ok
that too.) But I knew I was ready for the step.

I had started to toy with the idea of adopting
and once I saw his face. I knew. He reminded
me of my dog Winnie and it was fate.

I emailed the shelter he was at and went
through the process. 1 week later they emailed
me back! I realized that it was mean to be.
So now George is here with me.

It will definitely be an adjustment as he'll
have to learn to trust me and my roommates
and learn how to live the apartment. 
I'm confident he'll soon love us and be running
around like a puppy should.

You can see I have tried to buy his love with
toys and treats.

He did love the bed I bought him.
He is still sleeping on it now.

 Here is his sister Sadie. Isn't she so cute?
You should adopt her. If you are interested in 
her please visit here.

Adoption is great and I feel great about my
decision. Yes- I had to shell out some money.
But my new puppy came fixed, up to date
with shots, healthy and ready for a home. He
also came from a not great place and I'll be
here to give him a happy, healthy and fun home
where he'll get everything he needs.

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