Friday, March 30, 2012

Guinness still taste good

First I just want to say thanks to everyone
for all the positive comments and love. You guys
are awesome and I'm so lucky to have such
great friends.

 We didn't find Winnie- she found us at a time
when we needed her most. So thanks for all the love.
It's going to be a rough few days but I'm blessed
to have so many amazing friends and family.

Before the emotional breakdown last night- I went to the
Guinness Believer event in Boston. It was held
at Ned Devines and was a lot of fun. And not
just because we had free beer.

We got to try some free pints of Guinness.

I'm a crazy Guinness lover and actually drink it a few
times a week. I have a weakness for a well poured
pint of Guinness. And irish men- but that's a different story.

We also tried two other varieties of Guinness.
I obviously loved both and would drink both
at the bar. I even went on stage to open a can for the
cute MC of the event. By using my skill to open the can-
I scored another free Guinness. If you are keeping score-
that's 2 full pints and 2 minis that would equal 1. So let's
say a total of 3 Guinness' touched my lips.

I was lucky enough to visit Ireland in March of 2010
for 2 weeks. Upon arriving- I went to St. James Gate
to visit the legendary brewery. There is nothing like
drinking a Guinness at 9am.
I would like to note- Guinness taste the same here in the States
as it does in Ireland. So don't be afraid of the bold, coffee taste.
Also- a serving only has 125 calories. That's way less calories
than that heavy beer you've got in your hand right now.
So if you ever find yourself in Dublin stop in for a pint.
It's good for the beer and the 360 view.

If you are stuck in the states- drink a guinness.
It brings good luck and good looking men.
I saw a handful last night and tried to make eyes. This 
move stopped working when I had mascara running down
my face. But you already know that story.

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