Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Team Peeta!

This weather has been ridiculous lately. I've been taking it all in!
With this weather, it makes my running schedule a little easier to
tackle. My training hasn't exactly been fun but when I have a schedule
I tend to stick to it. My week of running looks like this:

Monday- day off- I actually ran to/from the gym and did some weights.
Tuesday- easy run 2 miles
Weds- day off
Thursday- Tempo 5 miler
Friday- easy run 2 miles
Saturday- day off
Sunday-10 miles- I'll probably cut it to 8.

Are you tired yet? I am just thinking about it.

I ran today and came home to make a tasty dinner.
I toasted some pine nuts then added sun dried tomato's
and tuna. Then I put it over arugula and added some balsamic
and olive oil. So good! I also had a wee bit of red wine to
ease my muscles.

Now- how to spend my night?

Easy guess!
I finished these books in a jiffy.

Then I got my hands on the 3rd book (thanks Mags!)
My life is controlled by these books. All I can think about
is reading these books at all hours of the day. I stay up late to
read more. So addicting.
Have you read them? They are amazing. And dare I say-
better than Twilight? Sorry Twi-hards- while I loved that series
this series is certainly more erie and sucked me into the 
plot that this could be our world someday. Plus- I think the acting
in these movies will be 120% better. I'm now Team Peeta.
If he were real... we'd be dating. And he'd be 26, not 16.

Now me and this fella are spending some quality time
time together. We tried a walk today- no such luck.
We'll try another 5 feet tomorrow! Now we're off to read
and sip some wine.

I'll also be dreaming of my boyfriend.
I've always said I love a rugged man.

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