Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goodbye to my best friend.

It's almost impossible for me to write this post. 

Tonight I went out with friends for a pint of
Guinness...or 3. Something I always love. My dad called
me and left a message. His words were simple.
"Kandi, call me when you can." My hear sank.
I could feel it. I knew my best friend had left me after 
15 years. 

I should explain how this miraculous creature came into our lives.
We had always had dogs growing up. But something would happen
during our many moves and they would change so we had to give
them to someone else who could better take care of them.
My mom got pissed and had enough. "No more dogs!"
She said it and meant it. 

One night, my dad was picking me up from practice.
I jumped in the truck and he said "I found something 
tonight." I looked over to see the smallest puppy ever.
Someone had put her in a box in the back of my dads truck
in the middle of the winter. 6 weeks old and too young to be 
away from her mother. My mom saw her and said "take her back"
My dad explained it was impossible and tried to find who put her there
but it remains a mystery. One that my mother still doesn't believe.
Me- I believe someone, somewhere knew she was meant for us.
My mother nursed her and she stayed.... For 15 years. She took
care of all of us. Lily used to call her "Nana" like from Peter
Pan because she personally tended to us.

She loved us. And we loved her. She was my dog and she knew it.

Winnie was having the best weekend. She went for 3 mile
walks like she always does. She met George and loved him.
She knew I was ok. And on Monday, I said goodbye
like always. On Tuesday, my mom said she wasn't looking
great. We all knew what was coming and she couldn't
live forever. 

This afternoon she wasn't feeling well and my dad took 
her to the vet. They said there was nothing they could do.
My dad held her as the end came. She came and went the
same way... with my dad by her side.

So at 8:30, when I returned that call, I knew what was
on the other end of that call. I wept in public, after 3 beers.
I clearly looked like that girl. Crying over an ex-boyfriend.
Nope- my dog.

To everyone that loved Winnie- I know she
loved you too. The most kind and beautiful being
I've ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with. It's 
difficult to imagine my life and my home without her there.
But-she was happy. And she was loved. And she
went knowing this.

To anyone that has loved and lost an amazing
dog and best friend- I'm sorry. Dogs really are, a
 mans/woman's best\ friend.

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