Monday, March 26, 2012

Surprises and the missing.

I've been a terrible blogger lately.
Seriously- the worst. But I'll keep
at it.

I went to Maine over the weekend to 
celebrate my dad's 50th birthday! It was 
a surprise party. And boy was he surprised.
He thought he was going to dinner with friends
and making a stop to sign up for a weapons
permit. I'm not joking. I am from Maine after
Here he comes!

We celebrated all night long.

There was cake.
With my his face on it.

And me and Lily took some photos.
Sometimes she likes to look scary while holding
my purse.

Then she gives a weird glare after she says- I'll only take one
if you spin me and give me a cookie. I said ok.
Then we danced the night away.

I spent my entire Sunday searching for George.
He ran away after a scare and we spent 11 hours
searching the woods of Maine for him. It was a 
terrible way to spend a Sunday. But he came home
scared and cold.

This week is off to an interesting start.
I have to a take a break from my running
regiment due to injury. Always seems to happen.
It just means back to the elliptical. And I'm 
not mad about it.

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