Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I feel Alive!

I hate when Tuesday feels like Thursday.
Puts a damper on my week. My short
week at that.

My week looks a little like this so far.

I've been eating a pint of blackberries on the daily.
If you are near a Shaw's- run right now because these
are two for $4.

I finally made it to Life Alive after work today. And I feel.. well..
Alive! It was so freaking good. 

I went with the
Hot & Healthy Bachelor. If only it were that easy-
walk up to the register and order exactly what you
want. But- this kind of hot & healthy came with cheddar,
egg, avocado, broccoli, greens, Braggs and nutritional yeast
on a warm wrap. No man in there.
Knocked my socks right off. I'll definitely be back. 
I love hippie places that serve up seriously delicious
vegetarian/vegan food. Plus they have a killer smoothies!
I'll be going in there after my long runs for health juices.

I came home and did some Jillian Michael's boot camp. It
kicked my butt into gear. A serious workout in
35 minutes. I am dead.

I finished my night with chocolate almond milk.

And some awesome time with this face. How can you
resist this?

I have a nice short week since I'll be working
in Maine on either Friday/Monday. Plus- it's Easter 
weekend! We always celebrate at my parent's
house and Lily does and egg hunt. It's the best!

How do you celebrate the holidays?

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  1. You went to Life Alive!!!!! :):) Next time get the adventurer.