Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Low Country Livin

Hey y'all!
I'm checking in from Jekyll Island, GA.
This place rocks!

But let's start from the beginning. I landed
in Charleston, SC on Sunday afternoon. A guide
that works for the company spent the day with
me showing me around. It was beautiful weather.
I was sweating when I got off the plane!
I walked the streets and took a carriage ride.

We saw the alley way where they had shoot outs.

I also had a minor car accident. A woman hit the back end
of my car and then tried to blame me. Solid. But look-
my car is totally fine. Mystery!

I hit up Boone Hall. The Oak Trees are famous.
It was absolutely beautiful!

I finished my Charleston trip with non-traditional food. Pizza.

Today I made the trek to Jekyll Island. This place is unreal.
I'm 5 ft from the beach and I'm running out there in a minute.

I grabbed a bike from the hotel and road the trails.

This place is so beautiful. I'd like to take a for real vaca here.
Not do work.

I saw this sign. I pulled over but the place was closed.

I'm enjoying the trip and the south is for reals
beautiful. Make the journey.

On another note- I won a trip to NYC. I got an email yesterday
and I won a contest I entered online. I get to fly there with a guest.
Stay at a hotel in Times Square, a $1000 shopping spree at
Bloomingdale's (which doesn't go far there), tickets to the MoMa,
tickets for a dinner cruise around the island. I'm taking my Mom.
Now we just have to pick dates.

And they say nothing good comes from being an Internet junkie.
Enjoy your day! I'm heading down to the beach!


  1. What!? This is just silly! What site did you win this through? I honestly didnt think anyone ever won those things...Lucky!

  2. Great pics from your trip! I never thought people actually WON the trip giveaways! I'll keep entering them now. -Adriann