Saturday, December 24, 2011

My first Hanukkah

Merry Christmas Eve! While this comes
every year, it really snuck up on me. The time
is just flying by. A little too fast I think.

Before I celebrate Christmas, I had my first
Hanukkah dinner. I hope it's not my last!
Brandon cooked a serious feast. It was ridiculous.

There were latkes, challah, roasted veggies, a vegetarian
field roast, Kugel and more. But before we could dig in
we had to say the prayer and light the candles.

I had the honor of lighting of the candles. And drinking
the wine. It was fun to learn about a new religious
tradition. And trying some new food. And wine.

We had some drinks and then it was time to eat!
Brandon really out did himself. The spread was
unreal. And freaking tasty.

I ate too much Challah. Then I read what it's made of.. yikes!
But it was tasty. All of it was good.

I enjoyed my first Hanukkah and I can't wait
to celebrate again next year. Or just cook all
the tasty food. 

I'm in Maine now celebrating the holidays
with my family. Honestly- I'm making a dent in the couch
watching every Christmas movie/show known to man.

Now I'm spending time with my dogs and debating
a Wii workout or taking the dogs for a walk. Tough choice.

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