Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fancy Feet and Christmas Miracles

I'm in the holiday spirit kids!
Tonight I tried my fancy feet out on the ice.
At Frog Pond to be exact! It was my first time
going and it was great.
The frog was watching the ice!

I jumped on the ice and was ready!
No falls on my end. I did try to do some serious tricks.
AKA extend one arm and one leg.I was pretty good. But I
got a little cold and it was time for a hot cocoa break!

My face was bright red from exhausting myself on the ice.
Ok- it was really due to the extreme cold.

We hit the ice again but Jillian fell soon after.
We decided to call it a night because of her
injuries. Yikes! Hope you're hanging in there girl.

Then I came home to a Christmas miracle. An insane
awesomeness swept through our apartment.
Santa (aka Katie) gave us our favorite new books
for Christmas. You can see the vast differences in us by
our choices. Katie is a seriously wonderful, generous and good
woman. I'm hoping she gets her own Christmas miracle ;) I have
a good feeling some seriously cool things are coming her way.

Ok- seriously though. This morning I went to boot camp at my
gym. Real name- Hell. It included spinning and weights. Intervals.
I have a good feeling I'm going to hurt like heck in the morning.
But you know what they say- no pain no gain! I hope you all
are getting after it this season as well.

I leave you with the awesomeness of Lily this evening.

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