Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Forgive my man hands

It's December and it's 60 degrees out.
Is there something wrong with this picture?
I won't complain too much because it means
I can still walk for coffee. And along the way
see an albino squirrel.

A furry fall friend hanging out.

Well I enjoyed my coffee but today I was so
hungry and the coffee wasn't supressing my hunger.
I was ravenous. Nothing could stop it.

The reason for my hunger is because of 2 things:
1- eating a healthy choice frozen meal for lunch
will mean you are hungry 20 mins after completion.
2- Running. I always want to eat my weight in food
when I run more. It's true. Proven science.

Anyways- I got home and made...
Mexican Lasagna!
I gathered the ingredients. Here is the list:
1- refried beans
2- black beans
3- enchilada sauce
4- Tomato
5- cheese
6- tortillas (I used corn)
Black olives and lettuce are optional.

ok here are the super simple steps:
1- heat up enchilada sauce. True story- I added
2 tbsp ketchup to mine to add more flavor.
2- crisp tortillas in pan.
3- get layering.
I coated the bottom of my pan with the sauce.
4- Take tortilla and spread refried on top.
5- then black beans on top.
6- add cheese. black olives. tomato.
7- repeat 2 through 6.
I had a total of 4 tortillas. Here it is before the oven.
Back at 350 for 10-15 minutes.
It was made for two. I shared with Ashly.
I put mine on top of lettuce and more tomato. I'm always
trying to get more veggies in my life.

I'm finishing my night with the Rockefeller Lighting.
It is official... Christmas is here.
And I'm painting my nails Essie's "cocktail bling"
to celebrate the season for shining.
(Forgive my man hands and my chewed nails. I'm trying
to stop biting. Lay off me.)


  1. bahahahaha, You have always chewed your nails off. FOR-E-VER!

  2. I might never stop! I've been able to go 2 months without chewing.. but one little stressful moment.. gone!