Thursday, December 29, 2011

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions

Today I had a tasty lunch. I've been trying
to track what I eat each day because I mindlessly
eat all the time and I'm aiming for better habits.
The holidays are about to be over so the
treats are starting to slow down in my life.

This morning I checked my fridge to see
what I had on hand. Quorn frozen chicken
pieces, almonds and craisins. I made some faux
chicken salad with sliced almonds, craisins,
miracle whip and cinnamon. It's so tasty

I served mine with some melba toast and sauerkraut.
Nice lunch!

I wasn't feeling great when I got home today
but I still hoofed it to the gym. I walked
on the treadmill for 30 mins. Better than nothing?

New Year's is upon us. I have to say something:
Why you ask? Too harsh of me?
I personally don't like them but for lots of people
it works. I think every single day is a day to tackle something you
are afraid of. Or face a new challenge. Why put off
something until tomorrow when you can do it
today? (I think that's a Garth Brooks song).

I'm sorry if you love them. I just think we should
all take a good look at things in life we want
everyday and go after them today. Not tomorrow.

Do you have a resolution? Do you like them?

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