Wednesday, April 18, 2012

There is always champagne.

Happy Hump Day.
Half way through the week never felt
so freaking good. It's been a rough week
over here. My running pains are getting worse
and I'm officially sidelining my self.

I really need serious rest. Not just because of running
but also because of the weekend we had.

Celebrating Ashly's 25th... there was champagne.
There is always champagne.

We had some fun. Too much?

The next day we got to know our city a little better.
We went on the duck boats!

Now I am taking it easy after all the excitement
and running pains.
This concept is a bit foreign to me.
It meant yoga with Bethenny.

My bedroom acted as a make shift yoga space.
I gotta work with what I got.

I wasn't relaxing with this.
I was 25% interested and 75% disturbed.
This isn't real fueling food. It's not even really
good "hi, I'm so hungover that I'm going to eat
so bad all day" food. It fake food wearing a costume
trying to pull some serious trickery.

Instead of those greasy numbers.. I've been eating
loads of these.
I'm seriously addicted.

I'm heading off to the great white north this weekend.
Yes- Canada! I'm flying over to Calgary on
Sunday. Another city.. another business trip.

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