Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jasper, eh?

This trip has certainly been an adventure. I made my
way for the gorgeous Banff to Lake Louise
for a hot second. I had a quick meeting.
I got to see the beautiful (frozen) lake from the Fairmont.

After my meeting, it was on to Jasper.
It was kind of long ride and due to the drugs the
doctor gave me, it was near impossible to keep
my eyes open. But, alas, I did! And the sky was doing
whacked out things.

After a few meetings in Jasper, we had some time
to check out some sights. And meet some new friends.

Then we made a trip to one of the many awesome
lakes. Patricia Lake!

To prove I'm really in Canada.

The amazing mountains around the lake.
I even dared to put my toes in the water. COLD!

Then I was so happy because I got to take a short hike.
By myself! Happy face... dancing came later. (Yikes- my
blond hair is actively trying to come back!)

The slot canyons were beautiful. And deep.

The water coming through was straight from the 
glacier and the most beautiful blue ever.
It was unreal.

I clearly love me some nature. And hikes!

Jasper is pretty great. It's no Banff but they've got some
sweet animals, hikes and glaciers. Tomorrow- I take the train
to Kamloops and then finally to Vancouver on Friday! Woop Woop!

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