Thursday, April 26, 2012

Middle of nowhere, Canada

Ok if we are being honest- my eating habits
take a back burner when traveling. It
becomes really difficult to explain that
I refrain from dairy and meat as much as possible.
Yeah- try explaining that in a town where
cows out number people. And they want to 
serve you that cow.

I was supposed to be on a train today traveling through 
the amazing country side but a train derailed and 
blocked the entire track. So- a bus to Kamloops 
was the answer.

Sure there were some beautiful sights like this.

And then there was a lot of this.
 Middle of nowhere Canada. Not to belittle the place
because I am from middle of nowhere America and extremely
proud of it! Just disappointed that my day was spent
differently than I hoped.

We reached the hotel in Kamloops where I buried my troubles
in this.
A tasty quinoa and roasted veggie combo... and some fried
pickles. Well- there is always tomorrow.

But- I did get a work out in. Did it ax out the damage
done today? HELL NO! But it was something to keep
my muscle memory in tact.

Here I am in this little gym getting a sweat on.
A sweat it better than nothing, folks.

Sweet gym. 

I'm a firm believer in working out. Vaca or no vaca.
I like to keep my head clear and body clean. 
Not to lose weight. But because it makes me feel 
good and makes me feel strong.
I'm no bag of bones and honestly, I don't want to be one.
 I workout for me. Not for you or anyone else.
Not for a guy to turn his head, but because when I work
out, I think I am a sex pot. It's much like the LMFAO song- 
I'm sexy and I know it. And my wish is for every woman 
to feel that way. 

I really just wish women would stop bashing themselves.
Shoot, everyone around us already does it for us.
So layoff yourself and start thinking how friggin awesome
you are. And if someone doesn't agree- Screw them.
You are sexy and you know it.

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