Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bangin' Banff

I'm blogging live from Banff, Alberta.
It is one of the most beautiful places I've
ever been lucky enough to visit. 

The drive here was no joke either.
I watched the Rockies get closer by every mile.

The beautiful Bow Falls.

I rode the gondola to the top of sulphur mountain.
The view was disgusting. Disgustingly awesome!

I took a drive around a lake or two.

They were still frozen and looking pretty frigid.

I made some new friends.

 A mom and baby. The dad was around with his giant
horns. But, sadly, no bears yet. But I've been told
I should spot one soon.

I'm obsessed with Banff. Whenever I travel I think to
myself "Could I live here?" For once- this is somewhere I
could see myself living. With George of course. It's so
amazing here. I'm sure the winters are a serious b*tch,
but I could overlook 8 months of winter I think.
I'd, of course, need to obtain a visa and a job. 
Let's get the ball rolling on this.

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  1. Utah, Wyoming, Colorado. #placesyoucouldseeyourselfliving