Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My 4 part epic journey

Kids. I'm about take part in an epic journey.
One that has multiple parts.
And it starts tomorrow. Holy Heck it's here.

Part 1:

London Town Baby!

I start this journey in London. Me and Maggie
are headed there tomorrow night and we'll
touch down and meet Jillian in the morning.
It will include a glorious stop at the Muffin Man
and it will definitely be 36 hours of tasty beer.

Friday evening begins the real journey 

Part 2:

We'll spending 10 days traveling throughout Thailand-
the land of a million smiles. It will include mass amounts
of Pad Thai and all the other tasty treats I am lucky enough to 

Part 3:


The three us will travel overland and across
the border to view one of the seven wonders
of the world. Angkor Wat. It's insane beauty will most 
certainly captivate us for the short time we have there.

Part 4:

Phi Phi Don

We finish this final journey relaxing on the beaches
of Ko Phi Phi Don. This is one of my favorite parts
of this trip. It is most definitely going to be paradise
and a perfect end to a perfect trip. 

Fear not friends! I'll do my best to write it all down and 
give you an insane recap of this trip. I am most positive
this will be an adventure full of great stories. I hope they are
so wild I can only share 10% on here. 

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