Saturday, January 14, 2012

Date nights

Life has been crazy busy lately!
My social life is booming due to the
fact all my friends from Lucerne are in Boston.

We've been filling up on good food.
We went for Lobster since they don't
get to have it much. Lobster would
be my lunch of choice every day if it were
possible for my life and wallet.

Thursday we had our annual work meeting which
included bowling and food at elephant walk.
The bowling was pretty good. I could have
done better considering once I was part
of the bowling club. Not a joke.

Dinner at Elephant Walk was amazing! It
was such good food. And I'm happy to report
that in less than 2 weeks- I'll be sitting in Thailand
eating the most delicious pad thai ever. And likely
for two weeks straight.

At dinner I found out Barbara has recently learned
to make balloon animals. A lady of mystery!

It was a great night with work and it helped
me to remember that I'm lucky to work in
such a great place!

I was TGIF-ing hard yesterday.
So I indulged in a tasty treat from Whole Foods.
For some odd reason their idea of a sample
actually means full size.
Yep- those are "samples" from whole foods.
It was a good thing to include in my Friday.
And it was easily the love of my week.

Since I'm not having real date nights,
 me and Ashly went out for our own "date"
night. It included amazing indian from Mela.
It's in the South End and I highly recommend it.
But- the owners also own Diva and the Dosa
Factory among others. So visit one of them if you

Then it was time for the main event...
Beauty and The Beast in 3D.
I also saw Lion King when it came out.
Guess what folks- Finding Nemo and Titanic
are also going to be released in 3D.
It was a lot of fun minus the crazy girl who sang
and acted out the entire movie for the crowd.

I've already killed it at the gym today with a
10-mile bike ride and some time on the elliptical.
I shall reward myself later with a delicious bev
of choice.

Hope you are having a healthy and happy
weekend! I also hope no one is Tebow-ing too much.

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