Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's caveman approved

Today is Frozen Fenway! I've been
looking forward to this for months!
My Alma Mater is playing- Umaine. And
I'm hoping for a big win against UNH!
It's a great day for hockey. The weather is beautiful
out there and I can't wait.

I'll have more on the event tomorrow.

Today I have two AMAZING recipes for you.

First- Palee-Oats!
I love real oatmeal but when I saw this recipe
that Tina posted, I had to give it a whirl. Lots
of people are following the Paleo diet these
days. Here's a great recipe:

1/4 cup almond milk
3 egg whites
1 small banana (mashed)

In a saucepan mix milk, eggs, and banana.
Then mix in cinnamon and vanilla. You can add
more spices or nuts or berries if you want.
Keep whisking until it fluffs up to your liking.
It will look like oats I promise. It should just take 3 or 4
mins to get to a good consistency. It's so fluffy and delicious.
I added 1/4 cup oats to mine and a tbsp of PB.
Holy Hell. Amaaaazing!

You might be skeptical.. but seriously this is my new
favorite breakfast. It just beat out my protein pancakes.
Plus- it's caveman approved.

Second: Easy Breakfast Cookie
1/4 oats
1 egg white
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp vanilla

Mix the ingredients together
Spray a bowl with canola spray and mold like a
 cookie. Microwave for a minute. Don't cook it
too long or it will get too crunchy.
I topped mine with PB of course. I had
one before the gym for a quick healthy bite
to hold me over until my real breakfast.

Enjoy these awesome recipes.

I'm off to get ready for a day of hockey.
And probably beer and fried food.
I can't be healthy all the time.

Do you have any special diet you follow?
Any tips for quick, healthy recipes?

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  1. This looks yummy. I can't wait to try it. I saw it on pinterest ;).