Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm too busy to date.

I've been told I'm too busy to date.
What does that even mean?
I didn't believe it to be true until today.
Ok- I still don't believe it but I did have
an eye opening moment into how busy life
can get. 

I had a meeting with my boss regarding my 
upcoming schedule. I'm traveling a lot lately.
I'm heading to Thailand soon. I travel in March/April.
May. June/July. Holy heck.

It's great.. I'm not complaining trust me.
Travel was my first love. And I'm
 really looking forward to heading to 
Alaska, back out west and more.

But back to my point-
Can you be too busy to date? Too busy
to let someone into your life? Apparently.
But I refuse to give up and give in to my
schedule. I might just have to realize
that I should be dating someone in another
country. No? That won't work? Shoot.

I started this blog to write about my healthy
love for life. It has mostly become about my
crazy life and love of food and beer. So while 
my life is still healthy, there is just less love
and lust for dating and more for food
and beer. 

Speaking of food.. tonight I had a tasty
delicious dinner.
I made more Kale Chips. Mashed cauliflower
and Gardein mandarin chicken. It's
faux chicken but it's seriously as awesome
as an any real chicken dish. Now time
for HIMYM. Boo-yah!

Are you too busy to date? Do you date even though
you're busy? What advice do you have for busy people?

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