Sunday, August 28, 2011

A farmer's market with Irene

This weekend was all about Irene. I find it a bit obnoxious since I dis-like people that make everything about themselves. Friday I left work early to take the necessary steps to prepare. This meant getting cash from the bank and stocking the fridge with my favorite foods. Then I further prepared by going out downtown to celebrate her arrival. It was an eventful night. There were some nice looking fellas and a few came to chat until I rudely interrupted them and began dancing and getting my crazy legs on (sometimes you just wanna dance!). But I did hear a few good lines that I'd like to share and hopefully never hear them again.

1- "Woah. What color are your eyes because they are beautiful." The issue with this is that we were in a dark bar. Impossible to see anything. But he was funny and pretty clever.

2- "I'm just trying to get to know you. Want to go outside and chat?" This could have worked except you don't start a conversation with this. Usually you introduce yourself with your name. Maybe make a little small talk first. I could be wrong but I have a feeling there are better ways to pick up girls/guys.

Me and Jillian dancing the night away!

Saturday rolled in and we rolled into the apartment a few hours after. I awoke and realized I should start my day off on a good note. I headed to the farmers market. I swear by the farmers market and not just for the fresh veggies. It is the prime place to spot attractive and healthy men. I should have been shopping more instead of eyeing a man. We walked in circles around the market- ok mostly I was walking in circles and he was picking out veggies. I watched him and what he was picking out. Then I watched him get on his bike and peddle home. (Yeah I was a little creepy but I kept my sunglasses on so maybe he didn't notice my staring.) I'm sure he had a dog waiting and maybe a lovely girlfriend he was cooking dinner for. If you find a man that cooks you a delicious meal- never let him go. I'd actually like to date a chef. It would take a lot of pressure off me to have a live in cook. It's on my list of likes. Now I just need a personal trainer.

For lunch, while standing the farmers market, I decided to have subway. You might find this weird since I could have had fresh veggies but I instead took the cheap road and decided I'd rather have subway make me a salad while I drink my light lemonade. Look how delicious this looks! All for the low price of $7 for lunch and $1.50 for the 2 white peaches fresh from the orchard.
I made an additional venture out for dinner to Trader Joe's. Joe's had been wiped out so it was slim pickings for dinner. Another salad it was! Don't worry- I proceeded to make homemade peanut butter oat bars after to snack on while getting ready.
Jillian and I ventured out again last night. Irene was waiting for us out there. But we made the best of it and kept it low key with some drinks. No crazy legs tonight! We visited Rattlesnake, The Pour House and finished the night with a drink at City Bar. It was a good way to end the night. I had a peach Bellini. YUM!
Here is me and Jayson at the Pour House enjoying our night.

Today is all about cleaning and being healthy. I am going to squeeze in some sort of workout since the gym is closed due to Irene still hanging out.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Go visit your local Farmer's Market! XOXO

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