Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Beginning

Hello new readers! Can you believe it? I've finally started that blog I've been talking about for months. It was a process to narrow down topics and blog names. I finally settled on two of my loves- eating and love/lust. I should start from the beginning.

My parents named me Kandi. I was already doomed. I love sweets. All kinds of sweets. I love chocolate, cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream, fro-yo, jelly beans and the list goes on. I was four when my mom first gave in. I looked at her with my blue eyes and gaping smile and said the only thing I could eat for breakfast was chocolate cake. Guess what? She gave in. So I started on a bad foot and the addiction continues. I'm not complaining because there are certainly worse things to be addicted to. I was five the first time I chased the ice cream truck waiving my dollar in the air. I finally caught up and purchased the strawberry shortcake. I always wished I had enough for the Choco Taco but alas, my parents only gave me and my brother $1 each.

Now, the other love in my life. Boys. That started in kindergarten when I met Shaun. He stole my chocolate milk and my heart. I cried but on the inside I was bursting at the seams! I think he kicked me and pulled my hair for the next 6 months. He must have really liked me! I believe as girls we are born with the ability to love and love and love. And that love has not ended. I've been with the good, the bad and the not so great. Yet, I still love and lust on a daily basis. Maybe an hourly basis.

So stick with me. This isn't Sex and the City and I'm not Carrie Bradshaw- although I'd love her shoes. I'm not an English major- my writing isn't perfect and I might forget or miss-use a comma here and there. Don't judge me. So join the journey as I blog about life in the city as a single 25yr old trying to find the best restaurants and the best men.

xoxo Kandi

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  1. And who hasn't chased an ice cream truck down the street?