Monday, August 29, 2011

The Polenta Princess

After a busy Monday back at work that included my favorite coffee around with Laura-
 I decided to spice things up in the kitchen... by myself of course!

I am obsessed with Polenta and if you haven't had it- You are missing out! I also eat at least two eggplants per week so tonight I decided to combine their awesome powers and make what could be a great meal for two. However, it was for one tonight. I made Polenta and Eggplant Lasagna! I also decided to boost the meal with a side of spicy roasted broccoli. Check it out:

1-Turn on your broiler my friends.
2- Cut the eggplant up and spray with cooking spray (you can use olive oil if you want) Salt, pepper and garlic those babies up!

3- Broil both sides until a little brown.
4- While the Eggplant is cooking- cut your Polenta. I buy mine pre-made from Trader Joe's. It's cheap and convenient. But Polenta is really easy to make and just takes 20 minutes if you have time. I'm already starving by the time I get home.
5- Cut up that Broccoli! Put the small trees in a pan and spray with cooking spray. Salt, Pepper and Red Pepper flakes will do the trick. I also like to put a little bit of garlic powder.
6- Take the Eggplant out and turn oven down to 450. Let's get layering!
7- Layer the Polenta, sauce, Eggplant, cheese and repeat. I also put a little bit of bread crumbs on the top to jazz it up. ( I also like to add my own spices to the sauce to give it a little more a fresh taste. Oregano is a great choice as well as Italian herbs and extra garlic. Also- add meat or more veggies if you want. Zucchini is a great addition!)
8- Bake it! Put the lasagna and broccoli in the oven.
Here is the before-- yeah the color isn't exactly screaming excitement but it will make your stomach scream with happiness!
9- Bake until brown. The broccoli will also start to get a little crispy.
10- Enjoy!
Now I realize this isn't a difficult recipe but it gives you a quick meal that maybe you wouldn't have thought of. Especially if you don't eat Polenta! Go buy some... you'll thank me.

Happy Monday! Cooking a healthy dinner starts you off on a good note for the week. I'll also be eating my leftovers for lunch tomorrow... and for the entire week :)

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