Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Loving and Lusting over Turkish Delight

It was an average Tuesday except I'd been waiting a month for this day. Why you ask? I was having dinner with 3 of my favorite ladies. These are not average ladies. These are amazing and lovely ladies that I met through work and realized that even when two of them left... I couldn't possibly live my life without them. We decided to start having dinners together a couple times a month to catch up on gossip and life in general. We pick a new restaurant and dive in. We also share the bond of loving food to the 100th degree and I feel that food really brings people together. (Hellooooo-Thanksgiving!)

After going back and forth about where we would eat- this entailed about 143 emails back and forth between places- we picked Turkish food to indulge in. I love Mediterranean food. It is so delicious and fresh. I could drink a gallon of hummus and  not think twice about! We picked Istanbul-lu in Teele Square. It was amazing!

We decided to split 7 tapas. It was a feast! We had hummus, eggplant, roasted red peppers, zucchini, fresh cheeses and fresh baked bread.
Amazing hummus in the front and a red lentil and yogurt dip.

Followed by roasted eggplant and tomato in the back and grilled zucchini, fresh cheese and roasted red peppers in front. It was to die for!

We then packed it up and headed to PJ Ryan's. We had a beer and talked about life. It is always a favorite topic. 4 women living in the city and in different places in life. We also talked a lot about dating and where they think this blog should go. They offered up some great advice on where my journey should go from here. They even offered up men that they know!

The best part of meeting with friends is catching up on life and hearing a bit of gossip at the same time. Each of us is so different but we can all relate to each other. This post is a bit sappy but tonight I really realized how much I adore all three of these ladies in their own way.

This post is dedicated to amazing friends. If you are lucky to have really great friends like I do- Count your blessings. I am so lucky to have people to lend an ear, offer the best advice and ask for little in return. Here is to you Emily, Katie and Laura. Can't wait for City Girl Cafe.

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