Monday, February 20, 2012

The Rai to the Mai - Part 3

Whoops. I've been a it a little MIA lately.
That's because I was hanging in NYC with my
mom for that little trip I won. I'll post more
of the deets later this week. I'm going to finish
my Thailand series.

Until then... Part 3
We made it to Chiang Rai! I ate a pizza upon arrival. 
Don't judge me... I needed to break away from
the mass amounts of noodles and curry I was 

The first day in Chiang Rai was awesome. We started
with another river ride and visits to the local
schools and tribes.

We finished the day by crossing over to Laos...

where we drank local beer and got our passports

That night we took a tuk tuk to the market.
We had some interesting food and did a little
shopping. The best part was the beer ride over.

The next day we were on our way to Chiang Mai.
We stop to visit the White Temple. 
It was pretty awesome and artistic. 

And then it was on to the most beautiful view at Doi Suthep.
We climbed the 303 steps.. aka huffed and puffed.

There is Maggie heading back down.
Easier going down then up!

The last big day of the trip was a visit to the
elephant camp. This was in the top 5 highlights of
the trip.
We started with a bamboo raft ride.

Next up was a ride on the elephants!
Mine was named Sambone!

We saw some ants crawling around.

And we saw an elephant show. This elephant
put up the flag. 

And this elephant painted a photo. Talented elephants!

Thailand was winding down and we were about
to embark on my favorite part of the trip.

to be continued...

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