Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm on a boat- Part 5

We made it. To the final part of
this seriously epic journey. Our last 
part of the trip had us fly through Bangkok-
yup this was our 3rd time through the city in
2 weeks.

We took a plane, a ferry and a long tail to
arrive at our resort.
 We rode the ferry over. It was a beautiful ride. 

Then we arrived... here.

I know... you're jealous. Good. You should be.
This was the most beautiful place I've ever been in the
world. I'm jealous just looking at these photos.

We checked into our resort and hit the beach.
Asap. We had some lunch right on the beach.
and wandered the streets. We then hit up the pool.
since it was low tide. Plus beer in the pool 
sounded better. It was.
So we did a photo shoot in the pool. With our beer.

It was fun while it lasted.

Then it was time for our first night out on the island.
We hit up Hippies for dinner.
This also included a photo shoot.

Maggie and Me participated.

 Jillian did not.

We had some buckets at some Irish place

They were tasty. And 2 buckets cost about $7

We called it a night a few bars in due to my serious illness.
After ingesting some weird chinese food I was pretty much
getting sick on the sidewalk every 5 steps. I'll save you from
all the details.

Plus we had a big day coming up. We were sailing
around the islands! We hopped on the sail boat
and set sail. We had a stop at Monkey Beach...
No monkeys. But me and Maggie did jump
off a cliff. Yup we did. That's us up there.

We went snorkeling. I got a sea urchin in my foot.
Lucille (I named her) is still in my foot as I type.
I've tried removing her.. no such luck.

So Maggie and Jillian got to snorkel a bit longer.

 I hung out on the boat. Looking stylish.

It was a beautiful day. In the top 5 best things in my life.

We went to Maya Bay. You know.. the Beach! Hello Leo!
Are you there?
 No luck so we sailed on and watched the sunset.

It was so romantic. It was nice to be with gal pals :)

But we had to bid farewell to this beautiful view
from our room.

We had to say goodbye to the incredible land and people
of Thailand. It was bitter sweet. 

Bitter because my foot looked like this.
No. My foot is not normally that fat. Thanks
Lucille and thanks to all the Sea Urchins out there
lurking and waiting to attack.

But Farewell to Thailand and Cambodia.
I'll definitely be back to the place that stole
my heart. Everyone should be so lucky to spend
a day in the most amazing place in the world.

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