Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The best 16 hours of my life- part 4

 I have to have a disclaimer right now.

Dear future children I may have: I'm sorry
that your birth and overall life may never
measure up in comparison to my time in
Cambodia. It's not your fault you came into
my life after this life changing experience.. There was 
no competition once it happened. You're still important
just not as important. I'm sorry.

Ok. Let's discuss why Cambodia
rocked my socks and then some. This journey began 
on a fun foot. We took our private transfer and they
first brought us to the wrong border. It was sketchy...
as hell. There wasn't much around but there were
lots of interesting activities happening around us.

Once the driver discovered what happened, they brought
us to the right place in Poi Pet. A man came and found
us and asked to hand over some cash to get our visa. Well
this happened a few times. We handed over cash folded
in our passports and we finally made it over. We arrived
to our amazing hotel in time for serious sleep. The next
morning we were up and at them by 5:30. Here's why.
The sun started to rise over Angkor Wat. It was only
getting better by the second.

There were crowds but I swear, I felt completely
alone and like I was the only person watching this.

Once the sun was there, it was clear we needed to
dig in and explore. And so we did.

Don't mind me... Just flexing it out.

The long, detailed hallways.

The swimming pool. But missing something.

We could have spent the entire day there but we
were limited on time so it was off to Ta Prohm.
Aka- the jungle temple.

This place was incredible!

Again, there were people around but it was so
quiet and peaceful there. It felt like our own little
secret in there. 

Our guide found a little face peaking at us. Creeper.

It was time again to move along and visit the 
last stop.. Angkor Thom. Famous for it's
four faced stones.

It was incredible as well. Such amazing detail everywhere
you turned!

Now you see kids, why Cambodia has my heart. But we had
say our goodbyes and move along. Because we were about to
embark on our final part of the trip.

But fear not, I shall return to Cambodia.

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